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    Its like I cant differentiate between reality and delusion Cant account for my behaviour It's like Im trapped by confusion Did I really do and say that shit Try to make sense but my minds refusing Still I hold myself accountable I must be guilty No excusing I gotta accept the consequences even though I weren't in my right mind The repercussions of insanity It's like...

  2. la vie d'une îles perdue

    Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 12:48 AM tomasmbaba 0 Comments
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    la journée me manque je su avec une stylo ki mes gave

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    Ice Cube confirmed the new release date for his upcoming 10th album ''Everythang's Corrupt'' on July 22 same date as Drop Girl came out, im so fucking excited for the album im waiting since 3 years for it since E-A-Ski uploded the Please video ft. Ice Cube !!!

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