1. Esprit702 avatar

    On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 7:25 PM, Esprit702 said:

    Im coming I am bringing my friend 2.He has been a fan of Ice cube since N.W.A..His son passed away from complications with lupas this last December Hardly been out of the house since then.When I told him he is coming to a Ice cube concert his ears perked up and was excited to go and see cube.

  2. JKWIK avatar

    On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 12:31 AM, JKWIK said:

    Fuck homie glad to see you here pimpin' You kno wVegas is that second home gangster. When you look up to your right on stage you know you got kats that got you, for years plus homie. Do your thing homie, honor us with that lyric genius fire that you spit to make those youg bucks feel the reality to move forward and become award Gz. Do your thing, make it happen, change lives, open minds, get it poppin', family is where its at. Dont wanna get to deep, just wanna show some love Jkweeeezie style, I'm fucking 40 and you opened my eyes up, understand, more then a corner, then a gat, but that mind keeps on pushin', if you teach young you will get some, attention, love, awerness, understanding to change that behavior we have been enslaved to do, so you do what you got too, to keep me JAYKWIK on that fine line with my sons Niko & Amiko and not them guns and that six by five they will make my home if I let them, and Mr.Jackson you have touched me, influcenced me, made me, wanna grow old, dont need that glock to make me bold, cant wait for your show, your my mind, my shakeshere, you mold me to make me better man, young heads keep it real their is more for you then just the steel, stand up, its alright, its good keep it real to have a have loved ones and undertstand the philoshical ones, keep it real, no illusions, be the better man..... Mr Jackson just wants you to understand, and I do more fucker, by all means neccessary, do what you do....much for the fellow man, tru, jaykwik

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