this is the foto section isnt it? honestly, ya gotta have balls for this shit.

Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 4:53 PM

Advisory Warning - The blonde female depicted in this torture scene is a specific and individual person. The author takes absolutely no responsibility for any blondes who take offence when you are not the blonde female being described.)

okay, so how bout we do it hostel style?
dumb ass wanna be movie making muthafuckas..............
so, ya get this fake ass blonde tramp, ya dose her up, dress her up in a cops uniform, put her in a wheelchair, roll her up to the kitchen table, and proceed to spoon feed the dog a healthy sized plate of hot shit on toast.....remember when ya nan would cut ya toast into soldiers.....
Okay, now ive dined the bitch, i might offer her a glass of her own stomach bile, cos ya cant do this shit less'n ya pumped the bitches gut first.
Okay, then we taking the wined and dined lil skank over to the bedroom/operating theatre, nice and matronly....
lay the bitch up, strap her head, ankles and wrists, cos even though she paralysed its a normal human reaction to spasm when experiencing pain, and we dont want the bitch to slip off the bed.
( yeah we gon have to put her on the drip and ventilator so she can withstand the whole experience.)
okay, so we got her strapped in (you should always use your seatbelt - less'n ya want whip-lash) , we got her ready for the main event, but before we put her into position we need to ensure she doesnt close her eyes, becasue it would be wrong to deny a person the actual truth of their own suffering...we got surgical stain still claws for that shit, like these metal claws that you attach to the top and bottom eye lid so they stay open.
okay, so the bitch got her eyes open, she can see exactly whats going on, and i gotta feeling that right about now, she starting to gain her ability to defend herself again, so i best just put one of them dominatric balls with the leather straps attached in her mouth, like that teenage girly gobstopper movie, cso seriously, i hat hearing dumb white blond sluts whinging......
so we got her strapped in, shes feelin it, but i dont have to hear all about it, next we raise her head up, jsut so, so she gotta good view of the following........
my lil sidekick gon pass me a basket full of ripped up bits of paper, each peice of paper gotta body part written on it, but ive kinda rigged it so i get to start at the toenails, work my way up to the shins, skin the bitch like im peeling potatoes, ( not really interseted in her feminine parts so we might skip that bit) njext comes the gutsy shit, ooh la la, we do like them gutsy shits.
so we gn gut the pig bitch like we knew we should....pull out the intestines, and see if she like the tast of em.....might even do her the honour of frying em up first, on one of them camping/portable gas stoves.
then we gon leave her other feminine bits alone, cos i couldnt be bothers cleaning all the slime up.
okay, so she probably in increbidel pain by now, and i'm worried, tht even with the help of all that medical suction equipment, she might choke on her own vomit or saliva, so now comes the hook shot..
we gon grab one of them meat hooks that they use iin the abboitors and hook it inot her tail bone, through the rear cavaity, which i really dont want to go near, so i might have to leave that bit to my trusty partner.
okay, we got the hook, now the line.
im gon grab some electrical cable, and feed that through the hook, so its long enough to hang from one of the ballistrades so that when we hang her up side down, so we can show her what a human punching bag really is, which has absolutely nothing to do with inserting your limbs, hands, or inanimate objects into the orifices of humans.
okay, so we string her up, cable her up, whatever.
she hanging up side down, we've given her a shot to stop the internal and external bleeding, now comes the fun part....
every single victim of this disgusting maggot example of female life, get to take one shot, bare knuckled, gloved up, knuckle dusters, whatever ya consider a befitting excessory for the situation.
i rekon it only gon take one hit and its all over, but you know, we got adrenalin and shit for those kinda situations, so once we've all had one good hit at it, and hopefully she hasnt been torn from asshole to breakfast, se gon bring her down back tot he ground, so that she can bleed out, naturally like a good woman should.

i could go into more detail, but to be honest, i jsut prefer thinking of things like,,, laying her out on a saw mill bench and watching the big round saw work its way up, or getting a wooden pole ( which could be considered a knitting stick to a giant ) with a carved spike on the top and lots of loose splinters, and kicking it in, pulling it out, and doing it all over again, repeatedly, until the dumb bitch gets it through her stupid and gullible head, that, " you are not untouchable, you are not safe, and you are NOT ALLOWED to do what you have done, and get away with it. then, its on to the next one."


Ebony Bree Caple


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