bodyguard Chen Sheng Road.YVES Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Suede Black Boots

Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 7:24 PM

It seems he is still no way cheap Christian Louboutin shoes to become a qualified student ah.
Xiao who secretly feeling.
After a day of campus life, Xiao general who as usual, slowly out of the gate of Xinghai high school. Been very quiet these days, that does not seem to help so-called dragon fish and then go to the trouble of Ginger, who is also happy to idle Hsiao.
Then, abruptly, Xiao brow slightly at once where.

But soon unfold.
As if nothing happened in general.Yves Saint Laurent Knockoffs
But a few sharp line of sight, but it seems rooted in the minds of Shaw who, lingering.
Who are you?

Shaw who calmly walked side, circled the brain such a question.
One, two, three, four, five.
Why only five?
Xiao who secretly counted in mind, while walking toward the more remote areas.
Footsteps behind gradually become heavy, Xiao who mouth off a hint of sneer. A professional track, regardless of who is the object tracking, even if it is a year-old child, do not allow disclosure of their existence a single cent, even if only slight footsteps.
Because of footsteps and reveal their whereabouts to track,Yves Saint Lauret Wedge Short Boots Brown and only two possibilities.
First, the technology, however,
Second, underestimate the enemy.

Obviously, the five people who secretly track Xiao, is guilty of a second error.
Xiao who secretly sigh of relief, it appears that things are not so serious.
"With for so long, you should also tired?" Xiao who suddenly turned in front of him wearing a black suit and a shocking three, his face wearing a pair of sunglasses, she was very stout man.
Appears to be a legend of the Bodyguard.
The three bodyguards in suits and ties are all surprised a moment. It seems they are tracking the object already found them, it seems, is an extremely calm, as if beating the general appearance.
"Our bosses ask you to go back to a trip."

One of the black bodyguard Chen Sheng Road.YVES Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Suede Black Boots
Behind Shaw who has a hint of pressure in the gradual approximation of the remaining two outflanking from behind, and Xiao three faint in front of the formation where a perfect encirclement.
"Please?" Xiao who did not seem like that found in two behind, his eyes smiled slightly: "If it is to ask, then, at least, driving a car over it? On you five uneducated, Do I have to go back and not a lift? "
Heard this, said that before to bring back the bodyguard who Hsiao a passing touch of naked eyes,Yves Saint Lauret Ankle Suede Boots Brown but what the eyes are sunglasses that block out clean, natural to us not half points.

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