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Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 7:27 PM

Why bodyguards to wear dark glasses?
Very simple, first, to the loading force.Christian Louboutin shoes Second, is to cover the eyes.
That black bodyguards made a gesture, without saying anything. Other people seem to be some kind of signal like that, was actually from five directions at the same time towards the Xiao who rushed to embrace.
Originally they were not going so fast hands.
But Hsiao where the calm,
Yves Saint Laurent Wedding there is the hint of a smile, so he was actually running out of patience.
An ordinary person, in this case, what can be so calm?
Obviously, not.

This is a very simple equation.
Thus available, this looks long hair are not the students together, not ordinary people.
Down the mountain like a tiger like that five people, who rushed past toward Xiao!
Five different directions, absolutely sealed all the way out where Shaw!
Unless, Xiao who suddenly grow a pair of wings into a bird from flying over their heads.
Shaw who had wanted to ask,Christian Louboutin Knockoff they mouth the boss, who is?

In fact, before walking on the road, Xiao Where constantly thinking, what is sent over who blocked him.
The first time, who thought Xietian Hao Xiao.
Xiao and Xie Tianhao where although there have been only a short period of first contact, but he knew, Xie Tianhao though a fierce and ambitious, but also an extremely Justifying the Lawrence. In his mind, his daughter is another Mania.
Could Xie Tianhao detected between himself and his woman so that Pishi?
Xiao who mind power switch, passing a few moments like the idea.
But at the moment, no time to think, because the five black bodyguards punch soon forced up, so who simply Hsiao inevitable. If the number of hands and then later,

Fake Manolo Blahnik shoes it trouble.

Suddenly, Xiao who smiled. Behind the two men who were simply ignored Hsiao, into his anti-refundable, suddenly a short stature, was actually down the height, the horns of a first black bodyguard's arms!
Inch long, an inch stronger.
An inch shorter, an inch of insurance.
Shaw who landed in the arms of the man, the way it barely avoided the sharp wind of the fist, and the remaining four slightly surprised, they attack their own people who naturally do not fall, offensive suddenly meal, hard raw habitat taken back.
Xiao who understand that this is a distinction between professional and amateur.
If you are a professional,Yves Saint Lauret Platform Boots Black in order to complete the task, will definitely be at the expense of their own people's lives.
Amateur, to scruples of the more natural things.
For example, the companion's safety.

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