Du Xue mouth revealing a hint of a sly smile:Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Black

Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 10:01 PM

Xiao who can not help but Somewhat taken aback,Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes asked: "fox spirit you say you are?" "Yes, ah, how?" Du Xue puzzled. "In other words, you fox?" Xiao's face who then become very exciting. "Uh ... if you want to think so, then there is no way a small woman ..." Du Xue blinked, it is a playful look: "Yes, you did not tell me, what is your name too!" "Xiao all." Xiao who suddenly,Christian Louboutin Mary and why this woman was so beautiful evildoer, did not think that is the legendary fox fox ... ... ah, where he has been fox Xiao fascinated one day.
"Hee hee, so we cooked, and you have no reason to drive me away, right?" Du Xue said smiling, pleasant to a lazy stretch waist, the classic white dress that is also proud of the curve not cover it. Shaw who looked attractive action, can not help but burst throat dry. Hey? And so on.
Xiao who react quickly: "What do you mean?" Du Xue mouth revealing a hint of a sly smile:Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Black "They were chasing two guys for three days and three nights, do not want to take a bath in line Well you here? Good? The bath Well ..." "Monsters have a bath?" "Who do not wash it?" Du Xiao Xue who angrily staring look, the way to correct said: "There, I was the demon, not a monster." Xiao who really can not think, between the demon and monster there any obvious difference. But he did not tangle at this point: "left the bath?"
"Of course! Si out a word, a real man, Christian Louboutin Wedge White Cork Platform eight horses is difficult to recover." Vowed Du Xue said, by the way patted the plump breasts, so that Xiao Fan's eyes as something that the two groups up and down. In fact, not all intentional look Xiao, but is too eye-catching. No, this fox is too tempting, so if you let her on the street, I do not know how many men try to fine people for her death ... ... Bathroom in a puff of smoke misty.
A hazy figure dangling inside. Xiao who lazily lying on the sofa, while driving a TV, but the eyes can not help but occasionally it floats on the bathroom door.Christian louboutin Candy studded flats By, why is the ground glass of ... ... Is a wall of doors that be nice ... ... To die, went wrong.

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