hide in places like the kitchen,Christian Louboutin lady Premium Suede Pumps

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Although some of the younger sister is now silent,Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes but the younger sister of the remark, let Xiao all hearts feel the warmth of a long absence.
He also understands, Xiao Ying, worried about what exactly. However, it should be said in the past they have experienced too much to be afraid of the day so Xiaoying Ming knows his ability, or who habitually worry about it for the Hsiao.
Other things on the temporary care.

Shaw who has opened a door, quietly watching the situation outside.
Seems to be optimistic ... ... ah.cheap Alexander Mcqueen shoes
What's not speak of the other, let Xiao who feel the most difficult, is the location of this box for Hsiao all, is indeed one of the most painful position of the egg.
Well, now the location where Shaw, the right hand side just forty-five degree angle, which is within sight in the fugitives.
The fugitives from the door of the box, about ten meters away, a conservative estimate, if the fastest Shaw who opened the door, then go to the fugitives in front of at least 1.5 seconds ... ...
1.5 seconds ... ... theoretically fugitive should be too late to respond,Christian Louboutin Platform Pump Black Patent but does not rule out the conditional reflex thing.
If that's the reason where fugitive because Xiao, conditioned reflex and shot, then estimated that the Hong Fuhai a fresh floor will see blood.
Then, abruptly, Xiao who wake up, but it is self-deprecating smile.
Since when, he also learned to care about the lives of ordinary people?
The police have a gun outside the fugitives, guard. Soon, anti-riot troops came to the scene, a dozen guys armed with bullet-proof shield quickly poured into the hall within, forming a pocket, a faint approximation of the trend towards the fugitives.
"I give all away! Do not come over! Believe it or not I had her jump shot!?" That the fugitive seemed panic, sandwiched hostages quickly stepped back.
Xiao all dizzy, from the ten meters to twelve meters ... ...
Difficulty has increased.

This continues, and if the guy was forced to hide in places like the kitchen,Christian Louboutin lady Premium Suede Pumps then it is more trouble.
But lucky is that it seems like saying one guy is not so afraid of death. If that guy is really bent on seeking death, then the time will not come Debating for so long, also sandwiched hostages and police outside a Rory it repetitious.
The most direct way to court death, there is a look at several bullets inside the gun, and then pop a few hostages to find a few buried, the last bullet for yourself ...
People always want to die.
Especially when he saw the hope of survival time.
This is easier to handle.
Su neat anti-riot troops have begun to command those approaching toward the inside, where it seems the Shaw, this way to rescue the hostages, which in so many ways, is undoubtedly the most stupid one.
The final result of this approach, only forced that guy cornered it.
"This woman will not move a mind of it?" Xiao who reluctantly smiled, called the spider on the phone, connected to the Xiao and spiders do not bother any nonsense, straight to the point and said: "Spider, two ten seconds, to help me check the Windy City police called the Soviet Union neat phone. "
"... ..." Across the silence for a few seconds, and then we heard a burst of Hsiao who keyboarding crackling sound.
Sure enough, the spider's interest in addition to the MM in the real world outside the bubble, is the Internet bubble MM, so in many cases, are computer spiders leave the body.
"137 only a little more than ten seconds when the spider gave Xiao who reported a series of figures.
"Well, thank you."
Hsiao where the number after the mental note not to explain, directly linked to the spider's phone.
This behavior is very suspect of burning bridges ...

"When you have to separate, separate is not on the separate Christian Louboutin Rolandzip 120 suede platform pumps love you want to sell, you can sell to buy ..."
Suddenly, a bell rings is that getting better ... ...

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