Manolo Blahnik Black Pointed-Toe Pump The matter pass out

Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 10:54 PM

In theory, no matter what gun,Christian Louboutin Replica bullet with a bullet between the successor will have a time difference! Master general of the gun, the time during continuous shooting, firearms are able to meet the characteristics of the same time, this time difference reduced to a minimum.

But to completely eliminate the time difference among all the killers believe is impossible.
Because it simply does not comply with the laws of physics.
The time difference between the master in the gun, also known as 'absolute time difference'.
Absolute time difference can not be eliminated, which is the master of the gun between the common sense.
But a person, but common sense to break this one.Jimmy Choo suede biker boots
He used a gun before the moment, Continuous wrist to change the frequency of vibrations, completely eliminating the absolute time difference between bullets, so as to achieve the three bullets fired at the same time the realm!
This person, called the Dude Er, this is he created the 'triangle bursts law', the killer in the world, this kind of approach three bullets at the same time collide, later known as the 'Dude Er triangle bursts surgery '!
Fired three bullets at the same time, even highly experienced, able to see the bullet trajectory to make the gun expert, and can not avoid them all the way out of Kaifeng died three bullets!

This is the killer in the world peak, Hitman Du Deer stunt!
Dude Er, look up all the killer can only exist, but also a so far no one can go beyond the legend!
Today, Hitman Du Deer long-lost skills, even where the weight is now in the hands of Shaw, and, with both hands the Desert Eagle or displaying triangle bursts law?Manolo Blahnik Black Pointed-Toe Pump The matter pass out, no doubt caused a big stir in the industry killer.
But -
Hsiao where even triangular bursts method using both hands, but also a total of only six bullets, which is actually the seventh bullet ... ...
Black woman who is not a killer community, so she did not know the legendary Hitman Dude Er, do not know what the triangle bursts law. She is just amazed at these seven bullets menacing!
Seven bullets, speaking from a position completely sealed to avoid all the black women in the direction, that is, if black women want to hide it, in addition to drill into the ground, otherwise there is no other way!
Of course, black women will not hide.
"Very good marksmanship, but unfortunately, for me useless!" Black woman spoke, in the hands of the black sword waving in front suddenly, as if into the side of the shield is so black, block all the bullets are In addition to the black sword!
Ding Dingding Dingding Ding!
Six sound Cuixiang!
Along with these six sound Cui Xiang,YSL Shoes seven bullets in the six, was a large black woman knifed in the hands of the black fly out!
Reduced pupil suddenly fierce black woman, almost shrunk to pin spiky!
The last bullet, actually disappeared out of thin air? !
No, it turning it!
The last bullet, even a very strange way this should be straight out of track, passing a turning black sword, turned into a silent killer character, straight black woman in the temple!
How could! ?

Master blows, only the moment. Although Xiao and this black woman who blows between, it is neither fish nor fowl, but after all they are the experts in different fields. Black woman, the moment of shock,YSL replica shoes then she lost response time, Desert Eagle silver bullets, and finally hit the first black woman's head!
But also the temple!
Black woman covered in a stiff, straight backwards tossed away.

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