Yves Saint Lauret Platform Boots Black is estimated as long as the middle school level

Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 6:31 PM

"OK, OK, no problem, you past it." Andy returned to the cell phone and keys Xiao Fan, Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes but to see where that phone looks like Xiao, when it is whispered a low voice: "This mobile phone brand, how I have never seen? "

Nonsense, spiders special mobile phone, you can seen that it is called strange ... ...
Both sides of the foreigner's eyes was very sharp in the Xiao Cheap Jimmy Choo Shoes and Xie Weiwei who swept him, did not find any problems, they continue to stare at other people behind the team go.
"Xiao Fan, let's go." Through a security gate, Xie Weiwei face re-raised a smile, hanging on the arm where it really close Xiao.
"You hate him?"
"No, I just hate to bum it ..." Xie Weiwei eyes of the passing touch of disgust.
Xiao all helpless, it seems Xie Weiwei's hatred for Xie Tianhao, really deep into the bones, the so-called hate house and Wu ... ...
Xie Weiwei then like the thought of something, suddenly called out: "a big loss!"
"How?" Xiao who surprised a moment.
"He did not check my tickets, Zaozhidaojiu not waste Christian Louboutin Knockoff money to buy ..." Xie Weiwei said with chagrin.
"... ..."

Upon entering the venue, where would have been a head impressively raging, bustling scene. Entering the conference hall, where one can see Shaw in the conference hall of the center, was actually set up a one meter high table, the table's four corners, respectively, stood a tall foreigner, four foreign everyone is wearing a thick suit, that suit so that the four already bulging becomes more burly tall sturdy foreigners.
That it is not clear what the four good crop, sturdy breath, sharp eyes, people can not look straight.
Any insight to Shaw, it is easy to see that four of the suit at the bottom, will be wearing body armor.
For the four dedicated guys, Hsiao where my heart was very impressed.Fake Manolo Blahnik shoes Although equipped with air conditioning in the venue, but in this hot day, wearing a thick suit with armor inside also, have to say, it's actually kind of courage.
Xiao who inadvertently raised his head, but it is positive in that table above to see a little faint Hongmang.
"Infrared heat sensors Monitor?"
Xiao all slightly surprised a moment, then carefully observe the table next to the ground, secretly nod. I did not expect this time of the jewelry exhibition, actually even with such advanced equipment are up.
Although he was not seen, but have heard, this instrument, in Europe there has been dubbed the 'super cages' ...
Xiao who secretly feeling, it seems this time jewelry exhibition, something to look up.
"Oh, this is not dear where it?"

Just then, a female voice with a standard English in London, where in the Xiao and Xie Weiwei behind pass over. Where?
Although the other said in English, but this level of English, Yves Saint Lauret Platform Boots Black is estimated as long as the middle school level can understand.
Xie Weiwei Liu Mei slightly at once, turned around.

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