Manolo Blahnik Shoes dismay

Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 6:34 PM

Incidentally, Xiao who also helped to raise over.
Shaw rightly mouth where a pumping, the heart,Christian Louboutin Replica scorpions, you in Ah ... What the hell ...
Just behind the two men greeted, and consternation, that the scorpion. Let Xiao who feel very strange is that even the first time ever Scorpion wore a low-cut V-neck dress ... ...

Scorpion standing around, is that people die like a dog dressed spider, the spider is then widened his eyes, his face surprised to see Xiao Fan.
Shaw who saw the spider's face, slightly heart thump a bit, Jimmy Choo Outlet Then he remembered his jewelry show things to come, looks like yet, and these two guys talking about.
"You are?" Xie Weiwei watching that blond hair and blue eyes of foreign beauty, touch the hearts quietly raised the alert. Hanging on the arm where the arm Xiao, also subconsciously hold of some, as if afraid of Xiao who is this hot body of a foreign girl Guaipao general, quite Hudu son means.
Scorpion smiled, actually ignored Xie Weiwei, in Xie Weiwei and spiders have not had time to react before actually stepped forward, look at Shaw who face Pata, a bright red lipstick all branded in the face of Xiao ... ...
Incidentally, in fact, who did not react Hsiao ... YVES Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Suede Black Short Boots
Scorpion was an advantage.
"Where, Long time no see, did not think you will actually come, I'm so happy!" Scorpion filled with smiling faces, just close that bold action, was actually seen her face a little shame means.
Would look very handsome on spiders, scorpions such a hot body with a foreign beauty, the two stood one, also attracted many people around the eyes. See where the scorpion decisive in the face Qinliaoyikou Xiao, is the envy of everyone around the kid's Yan Fu did not light.
Scorpion is what this play out?
Long time no see?

Looks like just met two days ago, right?
Shaw who set the state of inner peace, think of scorpions and spiders, the task will be to the two quietly playing a wink, his mouth is in English, said: "The beauty, you are not the wrong person?"
"Mistaken identity?" Scorpion stared to make an expression of Manolo Blahnik Shoes dismay, and then face hard against Shaw who stare meal, suddenly realized: "Oh, Sorry, you really look too much like I know a friend ... "
Hsiao where my heart despised the scorpion bit harsh, so acting, do not pick up the Oscar is a waste.
Spider shrugged helplessly for Hsiao where, although in this place to see where Shaw was to his surprise, but he did not know is the scorpion in the end want to do, but the spider who also received a Shaw's eyes, can only stand out, a standard line of Xie Weiwei gentleman etiquette, laughed apologetically: "The beautiful lady, I am sorry, my friend more enthusiasm, so ... we have something, do not bother ..."
Spiders finished, taking advantage of the scorpion has not boomed, Manolo Blahnik Replica directly to the towing of the scorpion.
"Sister, do not you know we perform the task?" The scorpion onto a deserted corner, the spider smile.

Scorpion heard, croon a cry: "Who has not told him who I am ... ...? Moreover, side also with a beautiful little girl ..."

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