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Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 6:42 PM

"Come on, what also made blank." Xiewei Christian Louboutin shoes Wei Huang Xiao who complain about a camel or two.

Xiao who heard no more thought to his ability, unless there is a class A non-human person, otherwise he has a confident, able, under any conditions, protect Xie Weiwei's security.
Have to say, this century, Expo Center area is still very objective. In addition to the exhibition hall of the deep blue sea, there are many similarities in the small room is used for exhibitions and other jewelers to bring jewelry.
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Xiao and Xie Weiwei where to find a free room entrance, they will go inside.
He did not know, he was gone, a black woman looks very ordinary from the hall came out of a corner, where a long time staring at Xiao and Xie Weiwei's back, slightly Yi Tan.Walked into one of the rooms, the impressively stocked with a variety of styles is a jewelry booth, these jewels are placed in a transparent bullet-proof glass of the cabinet sub-system which, among each room, has a or two dressed in a black suit Chinese man, ear plugs with a small headset, see the dress, seems to be responsible for maintaining Yves Saint Laurent Black Leather 'Charlotte' Pumps order Xie to defend.

The most eye-catching is that before each booth, there is a beautiful dress hot, twisted that waistline, smiling to the spectators who introduces each a jewelry booth, jewelry and inherent meaning.
As we all know, a value of jewelry, not only is the jewelry itself is so simple. One kind of jewelry artisans from the original stone has been playing a variety of jewelry, which contains a variety of this on a special meaning, these meanings were, some representatives of the love, affection all the world good will. Even so, the meaning of all sorts of jewelry, all have the same one thing in common - that is eternal.
Xiao Where this is not a woman, this sparkling jewelry for things, he had no interest in how much better to appreciate the surrounding beauty, it is also more enjoyable.
And Xie Weiwei are like other ordinary little woman like that, looking at all kinds of jewelry booth, jewelry side of these comments, good or bad, while looking at those two sparkling jewels.
Until Shaw who feel some dazzling, and Xie Weiwei is Yves Saint Laurent Palais platform black suede pumps still an enthusiastic look.
This allows Shaw who had mixed feelings, a woman really is an amazing animal.
Of course, jewelry is not unusual in such a large exhibition of jewelry, a jewelry by price per unit in dollars ... ...
From one room to another room, did not seem to end like that. Finally coming to noon, Xiao who finally can breathe, and Xie Weiwei they easily found a place to solve the problem of food and clothing, after completion, Xie Weiwei Xiao is eager to pull all returned to the venue.
Xiao who smile soon, as promised Xie Weiwei to accompany her, can only persist in the end of the.
After lunch, Xiao who found it on a table in the hall of Yves Saint Laurent black skull shoes red cloth, still motionless, as always. The other small room in the exhibition of jewelry, and now also for a number of so many styles of jewelry Ling Lang everywhere, so Xie Weiwei is excited, look at the momentum, not seem to know is so tired.
"Hey, Xiao Fan, you look, this ring beautiful!"
"Ah, beautiful."

"There are still, you quickly see the necklace ..."

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