Fri, May 14, 2010 at 8:26 PM

i have been to 2 of Cubes concerts here in so cali and each one has allowed me to get my dance groove on as well as provided a dynamite performance that makes me look forward to the next LA concert...bring it home CUBE.


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    Sat, May 15, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    same here, I have been to several of Cube's shows here in SoCal.. and in comparison to Game's show (which isn't fair, cuz Game has a ways to go before he gets to Cube's status). Cube puts a "performance" dynamic into his set, not just rapping lyrics.. for example, one of the last shows i saw, when he did the old, classic, NWA songs.. he came out with the old school raider hat, locs, flannel, and a gerry curl!! got the crowd invlolved, shit was banging..

    i went to see the Game's show... HORRIBLE,, he pounded a full bottle of Hennessey (which was probably Ice Tea, cuz im thinking he should of thrown up all over the stage) he brought some whack as 12 year old on stage who couldnt rap, then finished his set (last 3-4songs) by bringing every gang member in the city on stage to stand there, throw up their signs and grab their nuts!! there was so many heads on stage you couldnt even see Game in the crowd.. i'm not hating on the gang part, cuz i get the music,, but from an entertainment value and looking to get a good show since i was a paying customer... i was very disappointed in his effort, it seemed like he said fuck it, im selling out the show, im getting paid regardless, they will get what i give to them, who cares if my show sucks!!

    cant wait for Cube to come home and sell it out!!

    "you want lobster? ha! im thinking Burger King!"

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