Asks him if he�s ever seen

Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 4:51 AM

Asks him if he�s ever seen

Well, folks, looks like abc family pulled off ANOTHER amazing Parenthood Season 4 Episode 1 this week, complete with freaky staring, kleptomania and a good ol� fashioned funeral for kicks. Let�s discuss When we join the PLLs this week, they�re looking at Ian�s suicide note on Emily�s tablet while in the cafeteria. Apparently Hanna managed to take a picture of Holby City Season 14 Episode 48 it before the police showed up. The big question they�re asking is, why would Ian kill himself right before he and Melissa were about to leave? Spencer, Aria and Hanna all feel relieved that Ian is dead. Emily isn�t so sure. Caleb is at Hanna�s house. She offers him ice in his drink and food, but then realizes she doesn�t have ice or food (THIS DETAIL WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER). He�s there to see if she�s okay after the terror of finding Ian�s body. Hanna says The Voice of America Season 3 Episode 2 he doesn�t have to check on her and he gets up to leave. Then she apologizes. Asks him if he�s ever seen a dead body.

He says yes. Hanna�s mom gets home So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Episode 14and freaks out at her because she couldn�t reach her on the phone. The mom admits that whenever Hanna goes out she�s afraid she�ll never come back. It�s very sad. Caleb is right there, of course. People in PLL never seem to check who�s around them when they have deep/potentially scarring conversations. Aria�s talking to Ezra about White Collar Season 4 Episode 9having an out of body experience when they found Ian�s body. He puts his hand on her leg and Jackie Molina, his ex-girlfriend, looks in. She comes in and starts talking, not letting them know that she saw them. Last week, she saw them kissing, but they don�t know that either.In fact, Jackie�s really creepy�Aria and Ezra talk about how frustrating it is to not be able to go public with their relationship. Except they kind of have been going public with their relationship, by kissing in public AT THE COLLEGE WHERE ARIA�S DAD WORKS. Oy vey.Meanwhile, Flipping Out Season 6 Episode 2 Emily goes to get a package and recognizes the package guy, who acts weird when she tells him that she recognizes him. Inside the package is a map. They guy turns out to be Logan Reed,

the guy who the PLLs met when they tried to do a �sting� Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 9with Ian.Creepy policeman Garrett comes over (apparently the police were returning evidence to the school) and tells them that Ian�s been dead for at least a week. The PLLs think that�s crazy because he was texting Melissa� oh wait� everyone in this show is crazy. They realize A must have faked the suicide. Emily�s freaked out by that, but the rest just want to forget the whole crazy mess and have fun for a while. Yeah, right. Like we would be entertained if they did that.Emily gets a text from A: �Hey, Em. Is it just me? Or does that suicide note look familiar?� DUN DUN DUN.Cut to: Spencer�s mom talking on the phone. Reporters have been calling all day. Melissa is sitting on the couch staring into space. I really wish she did that Parenthood Season 4 Premiere more often instead of acting like a crazy person all the time. Spencer�s mom reveals that Ian�s aunt doesn�t want to give Ian a funeral, so Spencer�s family has to bury him. They argue about whether to have a funeral or not right in front of Melissa. Spencer thinks they should give Ian a funeral because Melissa needs it.

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