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Returned to the house, he will Xia Wanqing goose Christian Louboutin Replica down gently on the collapse, so that the smile she put on children to help clean and comfortable clothes.

After laughing for children, he knocked on the door into the room, laughing children carefully flushed his head down and went out to see her shy look, if they did not guess wrong, it must be like children laughing in front of this guy.

He squatted Xiawan Qing Tuibian came rolling up her legs gently, watching the black swollen knee, tightly Cu Zhaomei: "how is it? How swollen like that?"

Xia Wanqing sighed, pretending to be easy to say: "I do not Alexander McQueen Stundded Buckle Short Boots Black harm his beloved beautiful face ruined Xue capacity, fine me kneeling at his door the night." Oh, he must also say that their sinister.

"If you can ruin someone else's content, you will not be reduced to this end, I really do not understand you more, you is not the case previously." Surprised that he should not believe that I Xiawan Qing dry.

"Then you talk about, I used to like?""You ..." suddenly, the Xia Wanqing surprised to see his face flashed a gentle, but the pain will soon be obscured, "You used to be a Yinhen wicked woman!"

Is not it, to Xiawan Qing said so badly.

She shrugged, "it does not matter how Alexander mcQueen fringe golfing short boot ocher you say that I, in short, all the previous things I forgot, now I am a new me, then the idea of ??me." Finish Xia Wanqing his right hand, "Hello, I am is Xiawan Qing, nice to meet you, hope we can become good friends. "

He Lengle Leng, was puzzled at her, his face is very complex, "which, I, you ..."

"What you you I I ah, I do not mind if you just took the liberty to call me, and you are willing to make friends, you could be so troubled, forget forget, even if do not want to do, hum."

"No, I just did not react at once, you really changed a lot, now you, so I can not hate being so." He stretched out his right hand holding a Xiawan Qing "I am glad to know you."

They, as a smile, then let him for himself as the knee Manolo Blahnik Calf leather Boots Black Cayao, Xiawan Qing Long Che looked serious drug-coated heart faint thought, "I can not so stingy ancient woman, since he is my friend, touch knee does not matter what the friends. "

They do not know, now fell into the water from just Xiawan Qing help her Cayao Che Long, Long Yan, have been watching them blankly at the moment thought he did not know what is.

Chapter brothers dispute
From that date, Long Che on time every day to Xiawan YSL Boots Qing Qing bound in a league this Court reported her Cayao boredom.

"Chunnv Ren, what made you stay again?" Needless to say, he came again.

"Not that my knee has been a lot better, you do not always take this route, and then how to say you are Yan Wang's brother, would always let other people see again Jueshe Gen." She frowned unhappy to see him.

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