Manolo Blahnik Something Apricot Satin Pump about their sister

Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 10:10 PM

"Some people care? Wang Xiong This is a joke, and I that day, this is to Christian Louboutin Replica visit Wang Xiong Yan of Wales House, but only to see the princess in the Qing Court, bound in a league one point sitting on the stone fish pond, a careless slip bottom She did not struggle without help, just let yourself sink, younger brother of the king that the princess to commit suicide, they rescued Princess under the pool, she woke up after the first words said to me to take her away, she said she want to die, but live too tired In the king's brother for the Princess healing Cayao these days, up and down the palace had no one to interfere Princess of living, not here, and daily Christian Louboutin Sandals meals with the palace concubine to the good, the servants do not wait on carefully, brother of the king venture to ask Wang Xiong, Wang Xiong said this is good care? "dark of the cold face of Che Yan Wang said.

Xia Wanqing bowed his head, his eyes tear slipped quietly, the original, this strange world, would someone care about themselves.

The surrounding air gets colder, cold to the people can not breathe.

"It seems that the king's brother really concerned Manolo Blahnik Something Apricot Satin Pump about their sister!" He stressed the "sister" of the word, "Come, I will clear all bound in a league drag Court collar 50 big board and re-selected for the princess servant! "Long Yan is really hard, this 50 big board down there survive thing.

"Brother to the king satisfied? Sky is not late, brother of the king back to the government earlier to rest it, holy face tomorrow with Wang Xiong palace!" Can not be questioned Zhu Ke.

Che turned and looked Xia Wanqing a deeply it turned out, the two brothers how wildly with the enemy, is not pro.

Che left, Long Yan, sitting beside her, "Che said are true? Them until you ..." Xiawan Qing Long Yan never heard me speak in this tone, yet there are some, guilty?

She looked up at him coldly: "how to be my good, bad and how? Never I was a superfluous man, princes you do not have guilt, you should be happy is not it? Now I am so Jimmy Choo Sale embarrassed, this is not as you like it? "

She had just finished, came a sore arm, he tightly clutched his arm, said fiercely: "In your eyes the king is so cruel people?"

"Not." Xia Wanqing hear the words, his expression softened some. "But in my heart, you have absolutely is such a man!" Damn, he was about to crush her arm up.

"Royal Highness, you do not tell my sister home air, the sky is not late, we go back." Shuer prettily said. Had she suddenly they come up short, Xia Wanqing almost ignored her existence.

"You go back first, the king has some things to deal with." Long Yan, never looked up to say, still bitterly looked Xiawan Qing.

"It's ... Well, go back to other princes YSL Outlet Chenqie meal." Finish blessing the blessing itself, the meaning of unknown looked at her turned to leave.

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