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Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 10:12 PM

Two of them got left the yard, he told Xia Wanqing here cheap Christian Louboutin shoes by the by, cold look at her and whispered in her ear, said: "The king with the princess now to calculate this account between us." He magnetic voice with rich exhaled heat, so Xia Wanqing unconsciously blushing, he looked confused, "account? what account? wan to stay in the house has always been clear, did not seem to offend princes." She said set of inner peace.

"Is it? The king day and Che Wang Princess together, this not a bill?" He smiled, in her view, that the cold can freeze to death just laugh people! "Do not tell the king said, brother of the king desire against the law?"

Xiawan Qing looked daggers at him: "In your eyes, I was such a person? I tell you, I told you this world is not interested, I am interested in but you can quickly will I divorced! Also I am free! "

He put his hand next to mercilessly hammer the next jade table, bang bang, stone table down from the base collapsed, the blood from his knuckles out slowly shed, drop to the Manolo Blahnik Black Pointed-Toe Pump ground, enchanting like Margaret.

"This is life, you never expect to run away, you owe the king, to be repaid in this life with you!"

"What? I owe him? Like as far as I know, has always been cruel to the Xiawan Qing Wang Yan, ah." Xia Wanqing silent in the heart of thought.

He finished this sentence after the cold turned away without looking back. Xia Wanqing Quezhao grabbed his leg before the clothes: "Long Yan, you know, I owe you anything?"

Yi Chan came to his palm, he turned and stared at her deep eyes, mouth with a smile: "You just called the king's name taboo it?"

Xiawan Qing suddenly remembered, like in ancient YSL Shoes times, the identity of the people are very taboo taboo people address him by his name, she quickly let go, Swing both hands, scared to say: "princes do not be angry, I just am anxious will so called. "

"Is it? It has been called down, the king called the princes do not like to listen to you!" Leaned over his face, hot breath hit her ear, ambiguous even hid the moon.

Xia Wanqing loss of a hand covered in his forehead: "You are not a fever? Or stupid? Today how so unusual?"

He ask out her hand, staring at her, said: "What do you Manolo Blahnik Boots want the king is awake, or be confused with?" Seems to be on her, and like his own raving: "If I could have been confused with the more is good. "

Looked at his angular face, Xia Wanqing some trance, this handsome YSL replica shoes man, the powerful addition of gold, if placed in a modern, ten husband is definitely rare. However, they can not, can not fall in love with him, because she knows that as long as the love he would like Xiawan Qing, like the same bear, as falling into the beyond redemption.

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