Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 8:19 PM

Dude, you sound like some stupid mother fucker that doesn't have any plans for the future. O'Shea Jackson is a very Rich man. Paid his dues the old fashioned way. HARDWORK! Thanks to his lyrical skill first and Foremost than to his business savy. This man is a fuckin' mogul. Disney have green money. Im not saying its cool to sellout. But because a businessman does business with a well respected organizion such as Disney that makes him a sellout? What about when he was watching Disney as child? Disney has entertained many of us. Including you Tha Jackal. Your entire comment is bullshit. Ice Cube hasn't been real since 92'. Are u Crazy??? But ey'thing he drop sell no less than a million. Go and get yourself a Weezy CD mutha fucka. This here is a true lyricist. Hands down, And non of these so called current kings of rap doesn't what any parts of Mr. Jackson. Cube has bodied entire groups before and will continue to dismantle any current rapper that wants some. The only disagreement that I have with Cube is; Why is he still trying to educate you young fools? These young guns will never understand real rap music. Hence the term Rap Music, Not dat hip hop shit. Im talkin' rap. Cube is wasting valuable time fuckin' around with this small change music shit. Half these rappers cant paying the fucking Twitter acct. bill. Films is where the money is, Film is where the money has always been. Ice Cube Is the founder of Cube/Vision. Sometime following your favorite sitcom, or Motion picture read the fuckin' credits for a change. You'll see CubeVison produced or directed some of those episodes or movies. His acting career along offers him $10 million per movie. That's garanteed salary rather the movies does well or not. If Cube/Vision is the producer than there is even more money being offered. Again homie your comment clearly proves that you doesn't have a clue to how much power this man has due to his work ethic and business savy. Respect ya elders homie!!!

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