What Your Fav. Line of Ice Cube From Any Song.

Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 4:34 PM


1. Keep It Gangsta
2. Mothafucka Youd Better Break Yo Self
3. Check Yo Self
4. You Cant Fade Me
5. Hell Yea
6. Ta Dow
7. Tomorrow, I'ma handle my business
8. Big Thangs Baby
9. Put the Woop On Em
10. WestSide
11. Smoke Some Weed
12. Stalkin' walking in my big black boots

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  1. RE: What Your Fav. Line of Ice Cube From Any Song.

    Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 8:24 AM

    13.four or five brothers in a mothership
    14.how to survive in south central
    15.don mega
    16.wish i had a jeanie with bout three wishes
    17.sucka for love ass trick
    18.really doe
    19.fool you know how we do it
    20.who got the camera
    21.motherfuckyou and your punk ass ghetto bird
    22.Yaaaee Yaaaaaeeeeeeeeee
    23.why the fuck you wanna murder me your punk ass never heard of me
    24.medical center as i enter I.C.U
    25.my style never change in 22 summers
    26.im raw as a dirty neddle choke a eagle just to feed all my people
    27.every hood the same
    28. can t take the pressure pulled the 4/4 up out the dresser

  2. RE: What Your Fav. Line of Ice Cube From Any Song.

    Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    "Concrete Nike's Kicking off them Hemroids,Ese's deep dont fuck with them boys"
    (from "really doe")

    "fucking around in the crap game niggas think im soft, cause now im in the rap game"
    (from "what they hitin foe)

    "Some rappers are heaven sent, but self destruction dont pay the fucken rent"
    (dissn krs one "rollin wit da lenchmob)

    "down with the niggas that I bail out,Im platinum bitch and I didnt have to sell out"
    (from "wrong nigga to fuck with)

    "Had to ask D.M.C and the forty ounce crew whats it all about on the avenue"
    (from "the ave" with run d.m.c)

    "You better free your Mind For I Free my Nine" (from "Hand of the dead body)

    "Claiming that your LOCO but you aint MEXCIAN? Listen to no vasaline 4 u step again"
    (from "King of the hill")

    "whatchew looking at with your Brooklyn hat and yo pen and pad"
    (from "why u talking loud")

    "But I been writting GANGSTA shit since 83 when yall was still scard to use profanity" (from "new york new york")

    "Kick the instrumental run and get your bigger crew, cause its judgement day and ICE CUBE is TERMANIGGA 2" (from kool g raps "Two 2 the head")

    "Always knew that I would clock g's but welcome to mcdonalds may I take you order please" (from " a bird in the hand" )

    "Four Jerry Curl Niggas kickin up dust" (from "summer Vacation")

    Man Cube has some of the most memorable one z two Z lines ever created! I mean to say my favorit one liners is injustice to cube you need the second line to really feel the punch of this mans point! CUBE CAN NOT BE FUCKED WITH BY NOBODY!!

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