Sat, May 1, 2010 at 1:52 PM

Just like Solo whooped all over Cube's ass and beat the living shit out of Hoe Shay Jackson at the traffic light, stripped him butt naked and stole his chain, Malone gon do the same thing to Cube if he even tries to diss. Cube is a washed up house nigga uncle tom that needs to hang up the mic and let the New West take over like Glasses and Jay Rock. Ya Boy ran into Cube in the bay on Thursday and Cube was coppin pleas like the bitch nigga he was. Ya Boy was 25 deep and asked if he had drama with the New West and Cube bowed down like a fuckin bitch. Cube don't want to see any of these niggas on the mic or in the streets or his dirty ass kids will come up missing I bet!!!

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