ICE CUBE VS. ?????

Sat, May 1, 2010 at 2:58 PM

all this shit talking about cube aint helping anything if those guys have a problem they should come out and say it and not hide behind walls and make undercover diss songs on the man because cube simply said he's not giving handouts to anyone which is understandable with what he went through with past artist he signed. in other words STAY OFF HIS DICK AND ENJOY THE MUSIC.

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  1. RE: ICE CUBE VS. ?????

    Sat, May 15, 2010 at 9:28 PM

    The chain came off in a fight. Dude aint just take the chain, so watch beef again lil fella.... malone is with wack 10 so he aint winning trust me.... The other dude, I never heard of him...... U cant front on Cube and what he did 4 this thing called Rap. Put Cube stats up against anybody in the game..... He the wrong nigga 2 fuck wit.... Haters fall back.

  2. Re: ICE CUBE VS. ?????

    Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    man_g wrote:
    Yeah i am down whit wha ya say G some people are only here on the site to connect whit cube and in secret they take da brother his shine where cube whas working al of his life at yeah i also hate those people and i had done tha same as cube for real!!! no heart no respect i am on this site to honor da man not for my own benefits
    thats not for me i see him as a person not as a atm cash machine my honor dus not count what dus count is respect and beeing his fan for 16 years and that his lyrics
    had guided me to troublesome times and that is for me more important than all da mony in da whole wide world whe live on i know how it is when people are ungrateful
    beliefe me g i know i just do whit his raps enoug for me i dont wandt his shine nothing of it his raps are legendary and they stay i never had a father but that days he gave me the power to go on whit my life seeing i am dutch my english i thanks cube his music
    seeing i did not learned it on school but from the love of his music for years
    and i bless him for years to stay *IceCube4life and ice keeps comming back for years
    after years always again and again aint no stopping tha man ice is for da keeps101

    cube worked hard to earn and to stand on da place da man is standing on so he has my blessing 4life!!!!

    you didnt heart?? for a long time but let me explain
    i have some trouble on youtube whit somwhone called isaacrea
    he had lyed his way into cube his freindtlist f

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