What You Think About Snoop Dogg?

Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 4:29 AM

4 me Snoop is a Legend like 2PAC, Ice Cube, D. Dre, Ice T.

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  1. Re: What You Think About Snoop Dogg?

    Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    i dunno no more about snoop In my eyez snoop in the 90s was a muh fuckin phonomanom but now its just ridiculuas. see i am more in touch for the underground and this bs he pullin with soulja boy from the hype i hear is dog shit for real. He picks him from a song???? snoop will always be a wire for the west never the conducter after this can we really call him A RApper now or what im sorry if this aint what you were lookin for but fuck snoop never stuck to his word i mean he made fun of soulja boy ! and now he is with him.but what ever...... snoop do yo thing for the loot will wait till you are cured from this courrpted world.

  2. Re: What You Think About Snoop Dogg?

    Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Ha ha... Yeah!... Some interesting opinions here. Now let the lil hool say some.
    As u can see in my profil I'm from Bulgaria and as u can see in my posts I don't speak English very well... But here in our country the rap music is not so popular - people here listen to some kind of "jipsy-oriental" shit called "chalga" and the rest, who don't listen to chalga, listen to metal music! Sad story.... Here on tha radio u can hear only pop singers like Soulja Boy, T.I., Pitbull.... and before the track u hear "and now the new rap hit..." Anyway fiew mounths ago I hear "And now check out something new from Snoop dogg ft. Big Sha and Lilana"... COME ON MAN!!!! WHAT IS THIS??? That lil ugly muthafucka Big Sha ( known in bulgaria as ''shamara'' which means ''the slap'') has been beaten in every city in bulgaria he's been!!! He speaks bulgarian worst than I english! I've never thought that Snoop would get that low. When i heard some of his lasts I was thinking that rap is dieing!
    Lets face it - Snoop now has nothing to do with Snoop from the 90's! For example 213 - with Nate and Warren!!!! I do realy relax on that music! but now - this ain't rap for me, this ain't west!
    In my country u can hardly find all songs an rappers u want to listen to, so may be I'm not very well informated but I try. Believe me or not there is no person in whole bulgaria to tell u who is b-legit (just for example)! So most of the people here know Snoop like the man who sings with Big Sha or Souljaboy or Katy Perry. Yes they know that snoop is a rapper, but that makes em think that rap should sound and sounds like that! This aint true for me!
    So I like snoop but that Snoop from, lets say, 5 years ago...


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