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  1. Re: Ice Cube: Ghost In The Machine (Interview)

    Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    First, Much love to Cube, new album is live. Its always great music and if you got some sense you can read between the lines and appreciate how deep his message is, been a fan since the start. Alright, let me get off your nuts, bottem line big fan, nuff said let me get to my point. I've noticed that your touring which you do the majority of the time after you drop new music. I live in Vegas and you have been at the House of Blues numerous times after you drop new tracks. I dont see Vegas on the tour schedule for the future. Always been bangin' when roll thru. Come to Vegas, you got lots of fans here, I know your doing your thing stackin paper, living life, if you can make it happen come thru love to have you......


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