Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 11:13 PM

He toured Australia a few weeks ago, and my man Briggs was opening for him for the whole tour. Spent alot of time with him drinking, chilling and what not. He was in Melbourne at Crown Casino and I met him there. Arrogant to say the least. My man Briggs is Aborignal Australian...... Black also. And the stories and comments Cube said and the way im told he treats people other than white was amazing. Fucking sad considering the way he pretends he loves the fans at the shows.

"Theres NO m in fan, but there is in FAM and thats what your are to me, your not fans your fams." are Cubes exact words. And all the rest of the buttering up he does to sell more t-shirts and tour istock. Now ive been a fan of Cube for 20+ years, own most movies and all CD's and evern agree with almost all his political views he rhymes about.... and to see how fake this man was in person realy disapointed me.

How many of you out there have met the guy and can respond?

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