E-A Ski & Ice Cube Set For "Please" Video Shoot

Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 6:32 PM

E-A Ski & Ice Cube Set For "Please" Video Shoot - By : Chad - January 14, 2011

Two west coast heavyweights are set to come together to shoot a music video. E-A Ski and Ice Cube have teamed up for the first single off Ski’s upcoming “5th of Skithoven” album, a track titled “Please” with the video shoot taking place today in L.A. by Rock Jacobs of Rush Films.

West Coast fans have been treated to other highly-successful collaborations between the two, such as the latest offering from Cube’s “I Am The West”, with the iTunes bonus track, “Pros Vs. Joes”. Many fans will no doubt recall the other stand-out collaborations such as “Penitentiary” off Cube’s “War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)” and “Earthquake” from Ski’s 1998 unreleased “Earthquake EP”.

E-A Ski had the following to say about the concept of the song and video: “We’re in trying times, and that’s where I’m going with this record. I’m noticing that people that I’m close with are losing a lot of integrity, so I’m just saying, ‘please, man, don’t put me in a situation where I have to deal with you on whatever level it is; whether it’s checking you verbally, or checking you physically, or checking you on some street shit. If people know Cube and people know Ski, they’re going to know this record is us, this isn’t a gimmicky record, it’s a real record.”

On working with Ice Cube: “First and foremost, he’s one of my favorite artists of all-time. This is not about just ‘ hey, I got Ice Cube on a record’, even though people will think it’s just a west coast thing, but it’s not that, it’s his views overall. From a street point of view, from him being a business man, knowing from early on in his career to not sell himself out, but to have integrity. Cube is the prime example of what IMGMI is about, doing what you want to do and creating your own destiny. With the relationship with Cube, we’ve built a great friendship over the last 17 years, since 1994 when we were both on Priority Records. With him being the homie and respecting what I do, just like I respect what he does, it was just the perfect match-up to do a record for my solo album, to show people how we get down”.

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  1. Re: E-A Ski & Ice Cube Set For "Please" Video Shoot

    Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 8:04 PM

    i can't wait! Diana here. Me and some of the Escorts in Sydney are so waiting for Ice Cube's come back.

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