Where The Hell Is My Idol ICE CUBE?

Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 1:43 AM

Man i have alot of respect for cube every day thats all i listen to thats real gangsta rap. always attend his concert im one of the biggest fans out there. just like eveyone here. but man last cd i am the west. cube what happened going sensatiive now dedicating in to your wife, then not to be a hater i love u cube no doubt but adding omg n doughboy to da album blew it. what happened to the cube i know. with them hard loud beats that if i bump my alpines full volume adults be running. just dont go soft on us cube. dont me a Lamar Odom he aint even focusing on his basketball career hes to busy thinking of his reality show. Bullshit .


i only like 2 tracks 1. i rep that west. 2. no country for young men.(even tho he killed it with adding to kids on it.) they aint ready. they dont know what the west is all about. and they cant be called the new west .

Before you would log on n post a blog every know and then. it was kool cuz u would change it up one day post up a video or answer some questions and now cube how long has it been that we havent heard from you other than being on conan . that was funny cucu for my co co pebbles bitch

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  1. Re: Where The Hell Is My Idol ICE CUBE?

    Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 9:14 PM

    First things first, any 2 people on this planet that would criticize a father, that's rasing his children in the West Coast gangsta rap Culture that not only did he live in, but helped architect a style that's probably being duplicated by your favorite rapper is ludacris. (and not the rapper ludacris)... In a nut shell, get yo West Coast Rap history together. This man right her, ICE CUBE, is truly a pharroh with Double Barrels. And if you really think I'm playin, if you hear music and I am the West...means to me...that I won't publicly here a response, from these 4 entertainers. Jay Z, His Witch B.eyonce. Kanye, and Lil Wayne., who he metophorically MURDERED on this whole album. And not to mention man vs. machinery. U need to stop hearing rap, and start listening to it. In my best 2PAC Amaru voice "Listen to your favorite rapper, hold us accountable to what we are saying in our lyrics". So listen closely to the message your favorite rapper, is telling the world. If that's the fruit you eat......then it is what it is.! This is Mesa, AZ via Las Vegas, Pennsylvania on the east coast. So diversity I am. Shit I can go on and on for days about Ice Cube's family tree. So to sit up here and attack him on allowing his kids to be apart of the industry he helped create, In my best George Buch voice "Fuck AmeriKKKa"

  2. Re: Where The Hell Is My Idol ICE CUBE?

    Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 11:17 PM

    [What Are You Talking about? All i read was blah blah blah let me act professional bla bla bla. trying to hard homie. Duesh

  3. Re: Where The Hell Is My Idol ICE CUBE?

    Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    GGG @ the mad blogger... U know who you are. U need to stay off the energy drinks and the stress weed. You's a 90's baby... I've been reading your blogs, some your hot, some you fizzle. So much anomosity, WHY? For a 20/21 year old, why are you so angry.? I have an idea, I bet Gangsta Rap Made U Do It!

  4. Re: Where The Hell Is My Idol ICE CUBE?

    Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    Man, im not sure where Cube gone, but i do feel writing something regarding the new album though, ok like most of you, i love ice cube, be it musically or acting and have his whole back catalogue, but i do feel that "I am the West" wasnt one of his better album, it in many ways felt rushed, like it had to be made and finished within a certain time frame because other things were in the pipeline - i aint hating either! i know your a busy Man Cube!! and chasing that Paper like us all! but i just wished that the new album continued where "Raw Footage" left of, and that album i felt was Ice Cube returning to the Cube of old, and as you all know there is only one Cube! i Would love it if Cube would take his time with a album, get some top producers on board, Dj Pooh, Brian G, Qd3, Swizz beats, Scott storch, Dr Dre, Dj Muggs, and keep it 100! it could be a Classic if the Beats are tight and the Rhyming better! We need something to bump, what we need is the Real Ice Cube back!! Peace Hixter

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