Is Ice Cube Going Soft On Us?

Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 11:27 PM

Man i have alot of respect for cube every day thats all i listen to thats real gangsta rap. always attend his concert im one of the biggest fans out there. just like eveyone here. but man last cd i am the west. cube what happened going sensatiive now dedicating in to your wife, then not to be a hater i love u cube no doubt but adding omg n doughboy to da album blew it. what happened to the cube i know. with them hard loud beats that if i bump my alpines full volume adults be running. just dont go soft on us cube. dont me a Lamar Odom he aint even focusing on his basketball career hes to busy thinking of his reality show. Bullshit .


i only like 2 tracks 1. i rep that west. 2. no country for young men.(even tho he killed it with adding to kids on it.) they aint ready. they dont know what the west is all about. and they cant be called the new west .

Before you would log on n post a blog every know and then. it was kool cuz u would change it up one day post up a video or answer some questions and now cube how long has it been that we havent heard from you other than being on conan . that was funny cucu for my co co pebbles bitch

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  1. Re: Is Ice Cube Going Soft On Us?

    Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    look man all i have to say is listen to "make it ruff". no doubt cube is the shit but i absolutely love his old shit. to be honest with you, from the raw footage album i only have one song i really liked and it was only coz it tapped into cubes old roots. then again times change and people change with it. you dont have to ask me if i like cube. cube is the shit and he knows it but it would be nice if he returned to his style like in lethal injection which is one of my top favorite. his beats have changed quite a lot but dont just automatically bend over and accept everything he makes just coz hes ice cube. the best thing i can say is give your honest opinion on his work coz hes a man and aint nobody humping him. cube spews gold all the time no doubt.

  2. Re: Is Ice Cube Going Soft On Us?

    Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 2:07 AM

    Ice Cube is the Man and always will be. I have yet to buy a bad CD of his. I may not like every song on them but I always find several good ones. Sometimes a while later I'll like one that I wasn't excited about b4. "I Am The West" I always figured was a more 'fun' album for him and was still good, can't the homies have fun too? I always liked the songs that were harder, more political, and talking about the fuckin' cops because I can relate. His movies were good too so, bring it I say. Have 2 give props 2 a man who takes care of Fam & Biz. Peace, Terry.

  3. Re: Is Ice Cube Going Soft On Us?

    Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    I haven't read any other replies, but the first referral to Kim I remember was in It Was A Good Day. That was a long time ago! Now, I know there are a lot of unhappy marriages and a lot of divorces, and I think it is much harder to keep a union together. I praise Cube for his dedication to his wife because when it comes down to it, she is the one he is gonna look to for more things than any single person will ever know. Going soft? Hell no. if you respect Cube as much as you claim to, then you better respect the person behind him, his wife.

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