I wish Ice Cube would use his power...

Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 7:29 AM

I have been a fan of Cube since the first time I heard him, like millions of other people. What ticks me off lately about him is the fact that he has so much power that he does not use. He could do more with his voice than just make money. When I listen to songs from I Am The West I begin to understand how people must have felt listening to Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. The civil rights movement was before my time but no one can tell me that battle is over. I wish Ice Cube and Ice T would rise up to the challenge and rally people together. If Cube and T put together another million man march, it would be astounding. It would probably accomplish what the first one set out to do but failed. I think if Ice Cube is doing yet ANOTHER Are we there yet movie and producing a TV show of the same name, he is in no way short of cash. I say all of this with due respect, but really, I think his lyrics are beautiful, but they are NOT reaching enough people. I will always be a loyal fan, but I am calling you out, Cube, make your voice be heard!!! Your albumns will only take it so far.

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