Grand prix foshan standing Chinese women's volleyball team 3-0 Poland

Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 2:45 AM

Beijing time on June 17, late, after three rounds guild wars, 2012 world women's volleyball team (the Po) China foshan stand between the grand prix to a successful conclusion. Chinese women's volleyball team at the end of the war plummeting to three innings win European giants Poland to win all three do not break game of the championship winning record this site fake ray bans, three innings score of 25-19, 25-17 and 29-27.

Having China's first team for main attack HuiReQi (the Po), FanLinLin, FuGong YangJun Kim (the Po), MaYunWen (the Po), slips the mining (the Po), Williams m Yang (the Po) and free ChanDanNa. By working families wholesale ray bans, Poland, block ze plug leavenworth card, FuGong okur nie wes card, bei Gardner rick, slips the families, one of the WoLong,, Williams crewe and free men, pat and co-star, and a response.

First inning HuiReQi start, zhang has been stopped, and shot WoLong families, one of the probe into let Poland 3-0 second, HuiReQi play with the crane and YangJun Kim serve others to help Chelsea after to 5 flat, short after trying to be the stalemate FanLinLin block makes 8-6 in Poland lead into the first technology pause. Frustrated by nine Poland zhang attack-6 second replica ray ban sunglasses, China the brigade was replaced with spring bud zhang strengthen breakthrough, she and FanLinLin breakthrough success made for the team after to 10 flat. 12 flat, after China rely on WoLong families, one of the mistakes and the middle YangJun Kim serve to 14-12 beyond, Poland after to 15 combo points that send with China in the second pause to 16-technology 15 second. 16 after spring bud, YangJun flat was Kim and FanLinLin three consecutive breakthrough success and block ze leavenworth card spiking mistake for China even four points will have lead to 20-16 cheap ray ban sale. In WangKou race for the upper hand by the China YangJun photoluminescence in 24-18 leading blocking to get bureau point, opponents save a bureau after trying to hit points HuiReQi lakers 13-7 in 25-19, the Chinese team winning first inning.

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