man_g think you need to see this homie->

Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 5:30 AM

long time cubester thx for da respect
how them hataz let people stunting

i dissapeared out of range see da reasons
see da problems?they set me up using clouds
and cookies to trick and trigger da mindt at da a
same time against me it is all a conpiracy against
me homie when i get famous they hataz only need to point at them
clouds they create digg inn da 3e link they preventing me
to life da life i should have homie more clouds they spoof
da more enemies i get pro seeing them hataz where spoofing
for 6a7 years means my carreeer as a rapper is totally screwed
if i sign a label and i make mony they hataz only need to point
and da label ive signed gets bad pr da clouds making zombies
da zombies destroy da reputation of me and da label ive signed
like gossippapers bad media loosing fans people start talking
da spooferclouds them hataz are jalouze on this way shining
for me is inpossible it is wha it is homie they braining da www

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