Once upon a time in the projects!!!

Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:43 AM

Dear Cube, Its very hard as a man to write this to you but here goes. I am a 42 yr old school bus driver in pg county MD I have been a big fan since the 80's I have 3 boys 22, 19 and 12 ever since they were lil i have tried my best to to take care of them but i wasnt with their mother for long time and that makes it even harder being on the outside lookin in. the reason i am writing you is that I am strugglin real bad right now i would never really tell anyone how bad i am doing thats what makes this so hard I go to work everyday pay childsupport i am livin with my girl in her daughter apt i dont even have a car I am not writing you for money. I want to be a DJ i love music but i dont know the first thing about it or have any equpment to do it. IF you could tell me or show me I just want to be able to something to get some extra money something that i love I could play music all day and night just so sometimes when kids ask me dad u got couple dollars so i can do whatever I wont always feel like James Evans!! thanks!! Damion Johnson 301 4370994

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