We miss that hard shit...

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 10:18 PM

Aye cube... This is cummon from an straight cube fan not a "joined in tha las couple years" fan bt a nigga who bumps death certificate nd predator nd war nd peace both CDs like I hate those punk fucks who say they love ur stuff bt they haven't even herd tha real cube they herd tha version were tha album compony takes ur shit nd waters it down like I miss tha lyrical cube tha cube wit disses nd shit cuz right now people think ur soft cuz tha movies bt only a real cube fan knows that tha wrong nigga ta fuck wit is still in there nd is waitin to be let out so honestly my whole life would be set if you came out nd ripped all these halfassed tight Jean werin bright colored havin asses up just on song that you put em in place... Just one
I'm 14 nd straight up ur tha ONLY nigga I play bt its not ur "2000" song cuz I can't stand em cuz they ain't you bt yeah anyways imma leave wit tha hope fully we see tha real cube come out soon...

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