Electric Ballroom, London - set list

Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 10:05 AM

Here's a set list for Cube's recent gig on Monday 14 July in London. He played for about 75 minutes, and the show featured WC throughout. It was banging, the sound was surprisingly good, and he did a great mix of old and new, and didn't just stick to his solo stuff. The bits in brackets are a brief description of what he spoke about between songs.

Click, Clack - Get Back!
Natural Born Killaz
Why We Thugs
Smoke Some Weed
(People say why you still rapping? Doing movies etc.)
Check Yo’self (The Message Remix)
(Westside Worldwide – everybody become a member, not just for California)
Bow Down
Gangstas Make The World Go Round
(Not been to London in a LONG time, gonna come back every year, as long as you come too)
Gangsta Nation
West Coast Voodoo (WC)
(Can I go back to the old skool?)
Nigga Ya Love To Hate (Fuck You, Ice Cube chant)
(Who remembers the world’s most dangerous group? Named all members. Gonna kick it back to the old skool – you are all a witness. Followed by “You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge”)
Straight Outta Compton
Gangsta Gangsta
You Can Do It
??Raw Footage??
(Wanna make sure you have a good time. Some of you not seen me before, wanna make sure it’s memorable)
It Was A Good Day
(Party over here, fuck you over there chant)
Bop Gun (One Nation)
Do Ya Thang
(Yay-ee Yay-ee chant)
We Be Clubbin’
(People sayin' hip hop is dead? It started being underground, then went commercial, big corporations grabbed it, fucked it up, now it’s going back again to the underground…)
Go To Church

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