Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 2:14 PM

how can you hit a man
without a reason
he didn't did anything to you
so fuck you
cops think that they can do wathever they want
but that's wrong, hit me and you'll get bullet trough your head
so don't be bossy
or bat will bounce of your pussy
fuck you if you trap me
i will get out, dont doubt me
you look like you wanna lock us all
but that's your plan what's gonna fall
you think that you're dominant
to us you're nothing
if you dare us, we will get violent
whole manhood don't deserve that what you're done to couple of us
wanna investigate us
mothafucka dont shit with us
soon you'll lose grip
to take step with us
cuz we estamblish dictionarship
to shit on you it takes lot's of guts
bravery, courage i have it all
to be ya killar
i'm angry cuz you're hiddin' behind your badge
bring it on, you'll feel my rage
good cop - that's unheard of :cool:

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  1. Re: Lyrics

    Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 8:06 AM

    Not too bad, could do with some grammatical modification, but other than that it's not a bad attempt. It would be better if you had a beat to go with, and perhaps if you rapped it :) Get one of cube's instrumentals and do it over that, that could be a start.

  2. Re: Lyrics

    Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 7:12 PM

    Its A Fuken Paybak Wit A Twist, Gotta Get Da U.s. Rag Nd Torch It, Burn Baby Burn Baby Burn, Dont Stop Til All Da Devils In Urns, Suits Blamin Problems On All Da Mexicans, But Satins Got A Pale Complexion, Fuk Da Usa Wen Its Da Kkk, Bitches Wanna Throw Me N Guantanamn Bay, Fascist Bigots Racist Bitches, All Men Created Equal Its Bullshit, Cuz Thomas Jefferson Had Slaves, Is That Y We Fucked Up Today? Soon To Be Released On Youtube

  3. Re: Lyrics

    Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 6:33 PM

    tnx man, i'll try to do that. i have some more lyrics about fake rappers

    fuck that dumb mothafucka soulja boy
    he is just some rap wannabe gay
    he claims that he's music is rap
    but that is some fucked up crap
    fuck his fans is what i scream
    while i'm fucking his dream
    you're a bitch (bitch)
    and you're maybe rich
    but that's no matter
    cuz still i'm better
    you're a joke
    thinking that you're dope
    but you're not
    my shit is hot
    i'ma shoot you with my gat
    you fuckin rat

    now onto lil wayne
    he don't know what is real pain
    look at you short mothafucka
    i'm younger but i'm one that is talla' mothafucka
    go play with your yellow rubber duck
    and i will give your girlfriend a decent fuck
    you're nut if you think you can stand upon with me
    better bow down on your knees
    and please
    don't give some shit like lollipop
    cuz you will get hit by (ak-47) yeah wit that:cool:

  4. Re: Lyrics

    Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 3:39 PM

    I’ve been pumpin bustas full of millimeters
    Like a gas station
    With no hesitation
    This is full service
    Betcha never thought this little mutha fucka was capable of murdas
    Delivering homicide like a full-time job i’m working 9 to 5
    40 hours a week
    Isn’t that sweet
    Doing occasional overtime
    That’s time and a half
    To create a blood bath
    And beyond
    Stone cold like au-stin
    You looked perplexed
    Like a fuckin cat that is afraid to get wet
    I claim no set
    But I might slice you up like Maximus did, back in Rome
    Diego’s is my home
    This is my Rome
    Want to challenge me
    I laugh at thee
    Hear my fans, they shout with glee
    Cuzz Mr. Zombie
    Don’t fuck around
    Let’s get down
    Make you shed tears, more than clowns
    Apocalypse Now is the perfect definition
    Of my disposition
    Cuzz I love the smell of ass kickin in the mornin.

  5. Re: Lyrics

    Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 4:47 PM

    masta in tha house a lesson more to learn,so boy adjust em tunes and listen
    boy don't trust em beasts like g bush
    em pigs suppose to maintain tha world
    but they want us sale our souls
    for quick buck in their pockets
    gimme that beat and now em on a blast
    a burger for em starvin in my lyrical content
    for em that them ownas got you in a corna i care
    even it seems like don't no body else do
    them whites spendin millis on picassos
    jet plains in tha air
    while we on our knees with tha hands in tha ai
    they got money for wars but can't feed the poors

    if they only teached love,alouded it instead of aloning it
    cold mofos runnin the world
    just heard bush sayin that we all one
    black or white it ain't matter
    but just stole a childhood in irak
    throwin wars in gods name
    sayin that the people are in gods hands
    stabs me when they sing the beautiful
    and end it with in god is our trust
    bullshit they should change in money is our trust
    everybody cryin about 11 september
    even though it's avious the mothafuckas got what they desirved
    they call it the land on democraci
    but say you hate america and the'll toss ya jesus
    you know who am talkin about
    them comfusions complaining about solutions

    please read it and comment,

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