Put a nigga Deep Cube

Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 4:25 PM

Yo Cube I got hot traxz for you and a Movie I wrote. I'm from Norfolk Va. Home of Ninthlevelproductions. I been doing these for 10 yrs. running my own Indy label. My biggest accomplishment is working on the Guy 3 album we did trak # 12. My producer is J-Max he's not just a producer he is a artist also! Cube were ready to go and your the only one I wont to fuck wit! Cube your the best that ever did it as far as making nothing out of something and I can only hope I can be have as succesful as you! But watching your career lets me know I can do what ever I wont if I just do it and don't stop! The name of the movie is Mamas Boys! I already got it copy written in the writers skills in NY. Boy Cube um ready! Ninthlevel is the next big thing Man um tellling you! We have 10 yrs. of Hot traxs and songs 4 u! Our music is being played as I speak on 103 jamz in Norfolk Va. Get wit me Cube 912 695-4605! Um waiting Cube i no u will call! Help me make a lyer out of the haters! Raw Footage is the Hottest Shit Out in 08! You out did your self wit this one!

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