When Did Ice Cube Squash His Beef With Eazy-E?

Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 2:34 PM

When Did Ice Cube Squash His Beef With Eazy-E? I Heard It Was Around 93 But I'm Not Sure!

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  1. Re: When Did Ice Cube Squash His Beef With Eazy-E?

    Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 12:20 AM

    187killumcub wrote:
    funkdog3660 wrote:
    i like that he called out easy-e's son in one of his raps, saying "if he asks my advice i won't think twice". he knows family is family, no matter what happens

    yeah he def.squashed his beef with him but when E died Cube didn't think E loved him man I know because I had talked to Cube about this on several occasions that is why he didn't go to the funeral..........he said he found out I think the day after but he said he wouldn't go anyway and I told him that E had one of his fans not someone that Cube knew sign his boyz n the hood tape and bring it back to E.......he showed all the acts that were on ruthless that cube was his homeboy.......it just hurt Cube when I told him that.....I think even Dre didn't know that E cared.........and as for that Tomica bitch(and I hope Cube reads this)the only thing I have to say to her is do you remember that insurance you saw of E's?Want me to tell?If she fucks with me or says shit to me I am going to tell yall the whole story and FUCK THAT BITCH AND JERRY AND SUGE

    wanna hear something interesting?I do not know if yall know this or not but Cube came back to show Eric the fact that Jerry was ripping all of them off and Lay said that E had so much heart that he didn't make him leave but if he had succeded in it then they would have found an aids needle in Jerry's office........

    yall really want to know what is going on get on youtube.com and enter suge knight disrespecting eazy e

    Crazy shit.

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