Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 12:54 AM

Hi Cube this Malita from the D with an awesome idea. Reality have taken over tv an its shows for all types of talent except Hip Hop...not rap cause that's all out here trash. We loosing real hip hop music an lyrics out here an its time for a come back. Its so much talent out here an no one to discover it. My thought is a all hip hop talent show like the voice or something of that nature so starving artist/hip hop artist have the same chance as the rest. It give them an opertunity to shine an the industry an you a chance to get money an see what's out here an give them a plat form. Me bringing you this idea an if you was to do something of this nature don't forget about me. I would love to be apart of this success . I know two artist right now that's colder than most everyone out right now." Email me at"

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  1. Re: REALITY

    Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 8:29 AM

    Books on Black English, Black slang (dictionaries), and Gangsta Rap (Reality Rap) might help, too.

    Reality Rap (Gangsta Rap) might be going extinct. Black slang may be, too. Check out

    "Hawaiian has just thirteen phonemes (meaningful sounds) while the Caucasian language Ubykh, extinct as of 1992, had eighty-four. “English” (with all its technical varieties) is said to be adding up to 8,500 words per year, more than many Australian aboriginal languages have to begin with. But these are surface inequalities—questions of personality."

    "Perceptions of linguistic superiority or inferiority are instead based on power, class, and social status."

    "The Other Extinction"

    "Equality, diversity, respect for orality, descriptivism (not prescriptivism), and “going to the people”: these remain fundamental tenets for any program of radical linguistics, and for anyone who cares about human language. But today there are sobering realities. The concept of linguistic equality has done little to change popular perceptions. Nor have two centuries of revolutionary political and social movements, though certain large-enough languages have been elevated to official status in the course of national liberation struggles. Nearly everywhere, a persistent stigma clings to minority languages, provincial dialects, “non-standard” accents, and working-class “sociolects,” not to mention the linguistic registers used by women, young people, and LGBTQ speakers. The vitriol routinely trained on Black English in America is representative, although politically committed linguists like William Labov and John Rickford have devoted their careers to documenting and defending its integrity. Debates about language are rarely just about language—they’re always about the speakers."

    "Linguistic chauvinism, now modernized and globalized, is a powerful force contributing to the mass disappearance of languages and cultures, an extinction event with fundamental and incalculable political ramifications."

    Gangsta Rap strengthens Black English. I stand shoulda' ta shoulda' with Ice Cube and Black English.

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