California Quakes

Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 10:57 AM

Been in the game for ten years straight. Testing 25% o i cant wait,
State of the art equipment coming in ,
haters all around don't want me close within
All that i needed was a hit from the Cube
To put this shit on blast to take em from the who
All the mother fuckers not lettin no one in

Monopolized cowards throwing kush and sours
cant wait for the masses to feel all my power.
BlueBerry Chocolates With roadkill in the yard
Standing fifteen feet waiting to be cured.

Whats up with some club formation or just becoming a member!
Need a powerhouse member to take it to the top.
Cause Im the power house harvester no need to see me stop.

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  1. Re: California Quakes

    Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 5:08 AM

    LOL. Yup,
    Looking for some sight to put this shit on flight.
    Brake away brake away and its still all right,
    I get weight from a seed that most dont see.
    green blues and purp's that make the lungs hurt,

    Been breeding for some time as they watch me climb,
    I cant wait to break the silence B Posted in High Times!
    A thief is a thief is what they say
    like them fools up north kicking it in the bay.
    I sent them seed for your pops,
    And U claim there yours
    I hope they herm a little more and close all those doors.

    U see my art is My art I didnt have time
    But my passion turn ruthless
    when you claim what is MINE
    KATE kush to that old school grape
    you put some thai in the mix
    You get a pool full of hate.
    Look at your name and the story that unfolds
    Girl scout cookies it not how its told.
    Fucking liars.

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