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Ice Cube,

You have alwayz been my role model. Back in the day (1985-1991) & 91 to NOW!, used to be called white trazh from the wrong side of the trackz were alwayz havin to fight our way just to leave our hood for anything. See, my momma waz from the north side of the trackz and well, my daddy waz from the South. Lotta bad blood there ya know how that goes!

So, they were not even suppose to even be together; let alone be seen together! Anywho, an oopzie happen an my momma got pregnant at 15. My daddy never told my momma he knew when he purpozed. They married in January of 1972. So, My bro died still birth at 6 months. Well, before momma knew it she waz pregnant with me. By February 1,1973 she had lost my bro and had me at a least 6 weeks early. I of course had to stay after momma waz released for home! I finally got to go home with momma & daddy when I waz 3 weeks old. When I waz not even a year hell broke loose in the househood! Daddy could not stop drinkin and well, momma she drank and waz doin other inopportiate thingz! They divorced in 1977.

Growin up there were alot of men momma dated. And then she married a miltary man. They married in 1979. He beat me alot and well momma she waz hooked on her booze and blow. Life waz pure hell until 1985.

THATA WHEN My daddy came a callin to step up an be a man. He wanted his baby girl back. He fought for 6 months to get unsupervised visitations. I finally graduated from High School in 3 1/2 yrs. Moved out to daddy at 17.

I want people to know this part and plz read what follows: I worked from 16 on to get my carz and stuff etc....... In 1993 I met this white boy from Kentucky; he would not give up............ Long story short we married in 1995. Daddyz gone and well so is momma. The drinkin and the other stuff well it took its toll on their lives ya know! In 2005, I lost daddy my hero! In 2010, my momma oh my momma in my eyez she died a lyin hoe! But, just the same ya know. I just found out I have congential birth defects. My heart haz holez, and my valve is leakin, and my lungz were not developed at birth. I just want you know I have no idea when my time is to go But, YOU WERE NOT ONLY MY HUGEST CRASH, BUT; I COULD RELATE TO JUST ABOUT EVERY WORD YOU SPOKE! THANX FOR YOUR MUSIC AND THE SOUL AND HEART YOU PUT INTO IT! Just wanted you to know you made me and your music and your voice made me GLOW! So, no matter when or why or how come you became who you were! You changed a life in A WHITE GIRL IN THE HOOD! LOVE, GLORY, GOD, AND PEACE OUT! WHATTA MAN YOU HAVE BEEN IN MY EYEZ! PS STILL MARRIED TO THE WHITE BOY FROM KENTUCKY!

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