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Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 3:41 AM

Carolla was asking Cube about high school and he said how he bussed up to Taft for two years. What about the other two years? The story always skips to Phoenix Tech for drafting after high school.

I spoke with an OG in Phoenix who said Ice Cube's parents moved him to Phoenix for a while to live with a relative to keep him out of trouble during high school. The OG said Cube took a loan from a dealer to record some raps at that time in Phoenix. Then went back to LA and returned again after high school for drafting for a year or a semester.

How much of this is true? I've searched all the bios and no one ever mentioned his parents moving him to Phoenix during high school.

I also liked the part where Cube said he's been puffing ganja for 20 years 'cause he doesn't boast it and is not labeled by it.

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