what happened?

Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 7:23 AM

Man what the fu ck happened to fighting the power, the new world order, the jews, the toys in blue? What happened to - "stop being an uncle tom you little sellout" - your words - Now your selling football? I never heard paris or PE sellout like this shit....aint you got enough money??? I could almost cry...now more than ever society needs its people to stand up and say enough of this shit...you heard immortal technique - the 3rd world? thats some real shit motherfucker.

Chuck D says - "by the time I get to this age I should be able to teach"
what the fuck are you teaching these days? nuttin, your a rebel without a cause, the corporate type of rebel...hanging out with the same jews you used to hate? You and dre...see you in hell bitches

This is almost as bad as kid rocks Im an american warrior bullshit.
"you wanna be like jack, but jack is calling you a nigger behind your back"...your words - aint a goddamn thing changed and you know it...in fact, now its worse, now they got black people hypnotized by obaaaaaammaaaaa...oooooo the establishments good, ooooo the corporations are good ooooooo killing a million innocent civillians in iraq is beeaaauutifulllll, we dont torrttuuurreeee, raaapppeeee orr killllllll.....stand up motherfucker, enough time wasted on nonsense....

Cmon all you little gangster toys, all you cretens that dont have 2 brain cells to rub together, all you "keep it gangster, I get money" stupid motherfuckerz, say your shit, bring it on...

Malcolm X would be turning over in his grave at this shit...but all yall are too stupid to read.

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  1. RE: what happened?

    Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 10:50 PM

    I definitely agree Immortal Technique is real, but I hadn't touched The 3rd World until now. Who else besides him is? Man, I thought Ice Cube had at least a little left...

  2. RE: what happened?

    Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    Dude are you so ignorant...are you lonely or something. You have posted twice about this same thing hoping to get a response as ignorant as the one you posted and so far no one has come down to your level and they probably will not. Of course, we all know that Ice will forever be known as the boy who doesn't give a f*** what anyone says or feels, especially about his music. He is one of the pioneers that stirred up controversy and told it how it was when he debuted in NWA and in his solo career. That being said, that was some odd years ago and as time changes, so does a method to how you get things done. There are plenty of methods on getting things done. Ice once quoted that "I ain't stupid no more, and some people can't deal with that." This is by no means to discredit the work that put him on the map in the beginning because that was the hardcore, realk talk gangsta that we all knew and also we still know him as that individual who is going to tell it like it is. Have you seen any of his previous interviews, he still keeps it real but this man has had kids, a family, his older and wiser now...he knows how to get what he wants without having to do what a lot of some of these people do. Also, you said he was selling football but yet you got mad at the other homeboy who said that Ice has a love for football and wants to do something for his team. The only person that I know would make such a deal about this is a hater, a pure breeded hater. A person that doesn't have anything else to do but talk shit on any subject who doesn't agree with their own. You need to do like a lot of people and grow up. We don't actually see you referencing any interviews or factual information that would prove anything that you are selling. All you have is that this man decided to do something for the team he loves, if you were a real Ice Cube fan, you would know that he has been a Die Hard Raider fan since before forever. Man go somewhere and sit down and stop posting the same damn post every day thinking you will get Ice to respond or do something. How bout this, how bout you go create a couple of albums that are equally as good as any album Cube has put out and maybe someone will pay you attention.

  3. RE: what happened?

    Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    good post homie
    show him what it's about right here on this forum.
    sure he can have his opinion, no big deal.
    but cube can not go on for ever like he did back in the day, he's grown. cube can make his own decisions like the homie above me said.
    yo quit hating on cube if you think he should do it your way, why don't you try it yourself!

  4. RE: what happened?

    Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 2:17 AM

    Mr Boomkat wrote:
    neilfy wrote:
    you're the perfect example of someone who is ignorant beyond belief, yet still see themselves as on some political crusade for good. he's got a song for FOOTBALL! he's helping on a documentary for FOOTBALL and made a song for the documentary. where is the selling out there? it's only football. everyone who has an interest in sport has a team that is close to their heart. who wouldn't want to show their support on such a huge scale for the team they have supported for years. the raiders is obviously close to his heart, so he's showing support for them. no selling out there mate.

    so stop hating, and stop making it obvious for us all to see how ignorant you are. shut your mouth and learn a little something from people who know what they're talking about.

    your reply has consisted of nothing but - its only football. Shows how little you understand about how the elite rule 'peasant' minds...its not by accident that they own everything, you are one of the peasants unfortunately, I hope one day you unplug yourself from the corporate matrix. Did sports players get $300,000 a week before corporations? Keep asking questions, there are many answers....

    your reply didnt address any of my accusations against ice cube.

    Mussolini said - corporatism should be called facism - he should know...

    So you want a gangsta record deal? you want some diamond bling? you want 'jack' to make ur devil dreams come true? yeah, all those africans should die to get you that diamond bling bitch? You are kept so stupid, you dont even know your being ruled by a corporate dictatorship.


    tbh it shows how little you understand, you're trying to make something out of nothing. by talking all this shit about politics and everything, you're implying that ice cube alone should be able to stop everything from war, rape, murder to stopping the corporations! what's the point in bringing all that into this forum? consider it this way - when he was younger, cube was a foot soldier, growing into a warrior, and now he's a general. and what do you mean he isn't teaching anything? trying paying attention and you of all people can learn a helluva lot from him.

    that refernce to mussolini - so?? even if that is true, you expect ice cube alone to be able to drag it more into the centre, or even more left? get a grip man, please.

    you're probably right, malcolm x wouldn't have approved of teaching men to be thugs and women to be bitches - but neither does/did ice cube. i'm pretty sure he preached for men and women to stand up for what they believe in and to be strong in their beliefs.

    "A black woman is my manager, not in the kitchen/So could you please stop bitchin?" does that teach women to be whores?

    "Don't be scared of them people/walk up in there and show em that you're equal." teaching to be thugs? whores? i don't think so.

    you're like one of these guys on youtube who starts ignorant arguements for the hell of it. and like someone said a couple of posts up, stop trying to get a direct response from ice cube.

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