big fan cube please read 3 mins of your time....classic

Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 12:10 AM

hey cube hope you really read this shit i wanna make a real statement you are the west i like snoop, dre, dub, eiht, but you the real cuz..... i got all your albums and your mentality on music and how you do the shit is almost perfect. i hope you keep makin reords at least 4 more for US man we NEED it... i dont buy cd's no more the last 2 were from you.... and i got that dub and crazy toones, but thats it... in the 90's i bought cd's all day.... anyway what i really wanted to say was please from your biggest fan..... get at dr. dre for the art for the hip hop for your fans make him read this.... make one damn record wit dude... i mean it needs to happen..... you and him are the super powers with the money and the clout that i honestly think would change hip hop your voice raw on a dre beat....instant classic for real loc..... i mean dre gots the sound your missin..... i love all the records you been makin, but you can paint a perfect picture over a dre beat!!!!! im sure ya'll got big ego's and ya'll need ya'lls bottom line at the end, but hip hops dyin.... and gangsta rap is still alive.... i miss westcoast bein on top not hatin the others, but biggies dead so east got weak and south..... man any body can trap rap..... scarface fell off so no attention there.... its all on you and dre real talk cube..... we need you and dre to make a mends im sure its some old shit we dont know about that got yall off note you the greatest without any help, but i know you feel where im comin from it had to have passed through your mind. keep up the work wit dub he's my next fav he's just not gettin what he deserves you know he's like the underground you ya'll do good together.... fuck callabos unless it's dub and toones homie or dre.... i always wondered why you hav'nt done much wit x to tha z and kurupt.... and how come you hav'nt spoke on the fake people tryin to fool the world.... people not gangsta.... frontin like rick ross and lil wayne.... the game has changed since back in tha day you had to be reptable.... you could'nt be a prison guard and turn around sayin i flip keys over seas.... you could'nt jump out the bushes sayin you a blood or crip and never done shit.... im sure you too big for all that and you laugh at it, but they the ones crowdin the air waves wit lame wake ass shit they probably did'nt even write

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