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Too hard take a decision

Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 2:22 AM

EVERYBODY GIMME COMMENT ( I can´t give you nothing only my thanks and respect ):
I need lil help because I tryin´write some lyrics and if it´ll be possible I wanna go to studio and record this shit but I´VE GOT BIG PROBLEM. Because I am not from USA or UK I can´t be sure my lyrics are correctly and I haven´t nobody who can tell me if it is right or not, if is it right way by which I wanna go.
I wrote here pair samples of lyrics and please gimme comments. I REALLY NEED IT cause I need to know: A) SHOULD I CONTINUE ??? Or are my lyrics only B) ONE BIG BULLSHIT AND I HAVE TO STOP RIGHT NOW :D. Please gimme comments, the more the better because I can´t make a decision without help. My future is in your hands.

Guitarist take guitar,I take my words
Sometimes keen like sword, but open not curbed
Sometimes tender like silk breeze
No more silly and naive
How far reach my sphere
Everywhere, even though you crop out
Look the world is yours
Without range or confines
But way is too short
so move the fuck on, right .
day by day to another night
don´t be waiting on some sign
move ahead never look back
never mourn, it never help
don´t cry baby
it´s only bad nightmare
when you open eyes
you would see wonderful chance
to make a change
switch tempo in dance
never follow everything swallow
if you have than borrow
we all got purpose for who we gasp for
you know
open eyes and don´t be fool
when everything around is so fucking cruel
I relate you simply story without any rules
We got it all be on top or keep it down in poor
If you´re weak prepare for spiritual renewal
If you´re strong on top be aware cuz you could fall
It´s seems to be sometimes real hot or too cold
But never lay down arms it would be fault
It can seems to be hard but man be resource
Too many ways never be hopeless my dog
Your spirit is minster don´t let her tumble down, improve
whole life we live until to moment of truth
If you don´t fuck with´em they will fuck with you
Be too kindness nowadays when yall perjure ?
I mean it is irrational and could it be danger mortal
Care a damn about bon ton, I fuck what is proper

Just like when you´re very tired and want to sleep
Your feet are hurt you wanna driving a jeep
But way is too long and you haven´t many time to take a rest
And you haven´t any money so you can´t speed up your quest
Work so hard, all the time until will come times for chest
This slowly killing, you are softly, weak but mainly restless
Get away from this shit to nice world without cold winds
In the world where is all around sweat and prim
Without fucking bitches, scramble for Money and
Family affairs damage me inside but increasing my desire
It´s like want to sleep but just in finish, with hand hold fire
Like olympic winners on top off spire, with desire and bright fire
On 1 minute world with no liar, with peace inside of my heart
Feel of win yeaah homie this is my drug
Get away on small moment away from roguery
Yeeah it´s possible booy just believe in your dreams
Every hurdle will be invisible, no more fucking fiends
So get away, keep believe and you can get away

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