The newest Hip Hop Star on the Horizion

Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 11:36 PM

Hello my brother. We met at the Ralphs supermarket in Encino 2 years ago around Thanks Giving Holiday. You was with your wife and I was with mine. She was riding in one of those carts. I don't know if you remember me. i came up and shook your hand and we exchanged greetings. I am the tall light skin brother with the bald head. Well anyway, I am trying to meet up with you again to present a real cool brother from North Africa that really can pop on the Hip Hop scene. I was hoping that you would allow him a chance to show you his skills in a audition in hopes of having you become a producer or allowing him a chance to work with you on tour. He could be a opener for you. Anyway you remember how Doctor Dre presented Eminem. Well this is what the news media in North Africa is calling my artist. They are calling him the Eminem of Tunisia. This is his home country. He came to the US at the age of 12 to play professional tennis and instead he became a rapper.

I have always considered you to be the baddest rapper on the planet. And I have always respected your messages in lyrics. Dig this my brother I am a true fan of yours. Now I hope we could become friends on the real. Your bodyguard Half Dead is a friend of mine. I met him back in 1998. He was doing a violation along with me, keeping it real. I am on a different page and trying to blossom. so because I know you can relate, there is no shame to my game. I am a real Old Schoolz dude. This is why people call me Old Schoolz. I had a radio show on America Radio Network hosting old school R&B with a introduction of New Rappers trying to get in on the music scene. Because i was struggling with sponsorsor I let the show go for a minute. Anyway I want to also present some of my movie screenplays with you also. I got some really hot stuff to present to you, so i hope you will kick it with me. Please call me at (818) 641-7630 OR YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT thank you sincerely, Brian Cook aka Old Schoolz.

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