Verdict of 'I Am The West'

Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Overall, in my opinion ita a sick album. There's no doubting Cube workin his ass off to make it good, and he did it. However, although i do like some of the modern day beats for sure, and they work kinda well with his sons, and for a couple of tracks they sound awsome. I personally feel that the beats need to become harder to what everyone expects from Cube again. As Cube himself said this album was to attract the younger generation, i believe that after this album, if they are going to be cube fans, then they will be for life, so i believe that he should go back to traditional Ice Cube. So although i think this album is an 8.5/10 i think the next album can be a 10/10 for sure if he brings some of his old beats back. Just my opinions, Cube still keeps true to the game, keep it up man.

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  1. Re: Verdict of 'I Am The West'

    Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 2:58 AM

    @WestSiiiiide : great review

    Every time a new album comes out by anyone, fans keep telling how crazy it is, and a few months later, the same people say this album was wack. It feels good to read elaborate reviews with a lot of objectivity. Props to you.

    By the way, I think this album is a grower. I didn't really like it at first, but now, I can say i really like at least half of the songs (the West Coast ones). Even She Couldn't make it on her own is starting to get quite catchy...

    i still can't believe how Man vs. Machine was not included. This track is pure west coast, the flow is great, and overall, it's better than 75% of the rest of record. Was it a money problem with DJ Quick ? It's weird. i can't see any other big name rapper passing on such a great beat.

  2. Re: Verdict of 'I Am The West'

    Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 3:36 AM

    WestSiiiiide wrote:
    I wont go on and on about how big of a fan I am, but let's say I have been since the 80's. And no matter how much I love cube, I can be honest with my review and in my opinion, the album is okay, but not great. Here is why.. the album is full of repetitive hooks repeats. sometimes, more time is spent repeating hooks than rapping. For example, Soul on Ice is 3:39 and he only raps 2 short versus. The rest is the hooks over and over. I'am not sure when this trend started in rap, but I was bummed Cube jumped on the train as it is a trick reserved for weaker rappers that cannot come up with lyrics. This is the same on It is What it Is.. 3:21 and mostly hook repeats. In by book, this track is a throw away track - no rhyming of any value comes out of it. These 2 songs are not the only ones, like I said, a LOT of repetitive hooks happen on this album. Your Money or Your Life spends a lot of time doing a wasted shout out to other rappers.. a bit boring. Also, in that same "repetitive" vein, Cube reuses a lot of the same formula on every song: how old school he is & others are not, how the new school is weak & he is strong, how much of this and that he has (money, cars, etc.) and others don't have, his credibility, is just kind of feels like all the songs are kind of the same underlying message, just a new track and music behind it. I picked up on all of this on my very first listen, and 10 listens later, feel the same.

    Now, on some positive notes. It is a Cube album and he still has the hard voice and can tell a story when he wants to. Drink the Kool Aid IS Ice Cube captured. Hard, rhyming a story, anger in the voice, Love it. That is why I love Cube so much, he can tell a story in his rhymes... when he wants to. For example, Nothing Like LA is a little R&B for me but he does 2 things I like.. tells a story and takes us on a trip around AND he mentions his wife. Something he NEVER does! So, I can dig on that track. Made me think about me and my chick. Man Vs. Machine is pretty cool and it tells a story using rhyme and words and terms you would not normally rap about. Plus, it is kinda slow and mellow with a solid beat. You can feel his depression.

    So, anyway, all in all I like the album, but it is not totally off the hook. Good and solid, but not great. It uses a little to much of the current industry rhyme trends - hooks after hooks after hooks - and seems to have some filler here and there to fill out the album. Songs I literally just removed from my iPod. But, he also has a few that flow and tell a story with a lot of rhyming and many versus strung together, not just 1 verse and 2 minuets of hooks and a verse. As an Ice Cube fan, I expect more from him than that and on a few, he delivers that story and takes us on a trip like the old days. Cube has mad intelligent rhymes and can tell great stories & string versus together... that is what rapping is all about, but what it has lost these days.

    you're right but not 100%!
    just think about why did Cube put this southern beats with a mainstream sound on I Am The West album?? does he likes this kinda music or it's because he' independent and gotta survive in the industry?
    Hip-Hop is like wine, older is better!

  3. Re: Verdict of 'I Am The West'

    Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 5:16 AM

    I really dig the album,
    I give it a 7/10 its got mad beats and the lyrics are killa.
    Cube definitely delivered on this album, in my opinion.

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