Looking for St. Ides radio commercials

Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 7:23 PM

there's one in particular i'm looking for, i forget the exact lyrics by heart, from what I remember..

...why they want to test me,
..now they want to arrest me, and throw away the key
'cause just last year, St. Ides gave about a hundred G, to the black community
..to the black man, yep, to the black man, now every beer commercial got a rap-man
talk about blacks with AIDS, the S-T-crooked I-D-E-S, yes they gave..
to the cause, not breakin' no laws, so If you're under 21, don't touch it son..
Back up off the tip, either take a sip, or don't even trip..

It was likely produced by DJ Pooh..

anybody who can help with links, it's appreciated..
With great power, also comes great responsibility-

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