Saving Education

Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 1:10 AM

I would like to say, Now that i'm looking into the system of helping children,no one really cares about our childrens future. People say that they care until you ask them to really help. Even if your just asking for support with out asking for their money,just plain support and they turn their backs as if its not their problem or responsibility. Then they wonder why our youth turn to the streets? I keep saying, If we want change, we have got to stop being lazy,Thinking someone else will make change, And start helping one another out. No matter who you are, rich or poor. We need to come together in order to save our future. We all need to ask ourselves do we care just about ourselves? Is that fair? I know some of you are like "yea why should i care?, no one cares about me!" I can give you 100 reasons why you should care but i'll just give you one important reasons, our children! Now back to the meaning of this letter. Why is everything more important than education,like rap,basketball, baseball, the war, our house and our cars ? I mean everything is more important than our school system.Yes, we depend on the government, celebrities, and whom ever else, except us! When are we going to wake up and realize, that it's all up to us to make a profound difference. Yes, I know some of you are like," who is he? I'm you, That's who i am. I came from nothing, I ran the streets and did some of the worstest things that anyone of you could have done. Don't judge me because i'm tierd of seeing our children dropping out thinking the streets are better for them. I am a living testimony. If no one wants difference, why is it that everybody is trying so hard to rap or do something other than staying in the streets? ok? Do you feel me now? If I can get just one person to listen, I can help anybody that wants change. We just have to trust in god and what we want out of life.That goes for each and everyone! We can get everyone "Ready-To-Go", to another level. Listen! I said "We", now let's start today to make a difference and network with one another to get this program up and running. So that we can help our children and teachers,This program is going to make our teachers the celebrities, Not "Bet", or "Mtv" The teachers! Thank you Justin Johnson ,It's time and i'm not waiting anymore! Are you "Ready-to-Go? Thank u again for listening to my letter to the world

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    Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 5:28 AM

    You're saying this, when "Hood Mentality" carries practically the same message?

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    Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 3:59 PM

    Very compelling education cry for the youth. I went through the same feeling a couple of years ago. However, recently while in a crowd, I heard a lady conversating so passionately about the youth injustices. I just had to raise my voice.

    This lady went on and on about what is wrong. So, I told her about how I began a program out of my own pocket called Youth Entreprenuer. I started it a year ago from my livingroom in Burbank where I lived at the time. I'm a single mother with two daughters and was working as an Office Manager for Visual Effects Motion Picture. So, no I was not making the huge bucks.

    However, my two daughters and 3 of their friends joined the program. I taught them business accounting, business etiquette, how to write a business plan. I paid them to work for me via my ebay store and website and a few private clients I have doing their bookkeeping and payroll. The kids were paid to do data entry, fle, ship packages, order inventory and was considered hands on training as well. The stipulation of payment was that they had to save 80% of what they made to an interest earning money market account.

    Their focus was starting a business based on their passion and not based on entertainment or music or sports. I tooke the kids to fine restaurants as field trips teaching then etiquette and how to handle themselves with confidence in the presence of anyone. We took trips to the State EDD office and I educated them on fiancial responsibility and of course markieting.

    I taught them how to dress professioally, how to write business plans and just the whole package. The kids loved it and embraced it. My daughter opened her own skateboard business where she sells and repairs skateboards and accessories. My other daughter who wants to be a fashion designer began makng unique bandana books and selling them across the web.

    The other little girl who is 14 years old started her own retail web business and the other two children partnered up and started a customized kids fashion assessment business.

    Each of the children are now operating their businesses of course with the help of their parents but only minimal. They are saving their moneyand earning interest on it, they are building new ideas for more success and it's amazing.

    I'm now living in Augusta Georgia and it is a program I will start again here as there is severe need for it. however, my point to this complaining lady was, you can talk the talk and complain all you want. but unless you become physically involved to make a difference, shut up.

    As I stated, I'm a single mother on the streets since 15 and a mother at the age of 15. I lived in cars, bus stop bathrooms and just lived the hard life when I was young, but motivation and ambition and God, helped me. I will continue my program in Augusta. I will still use my money to pay for the trips, I will continue to introduce the children to professional business people and I will do what I have to do one kid at a time. I do not request grants or funds because I will not have the integrity of my help to these kids copromised or taken control of.

    And, I say to the kids, education is key. But, please know that the American Dream is not what it was when our parents were coming up. There is no more graduate college, get the job in your field, work for the company for 40 years, retire and live off your 401k. That American Dream is gone. The average person changes jobs at least 5 times in there life. Now yu are lucky if the Corporations don't go bankrupt and steal your 401K. Kids are lucky to find a job in the field in which their parents spent huge sums of money on college for. Corporations no longer value dedication. So, the best thing in addition to education that we can give our kids is a back up plan of self sufficiency. Business Ownership. Controlling their own destinies and going for it through passion, etermination and vision. we are responsible for feeding that. Not kid will be the rapper the baller the actor. But they can indeed have that back up plan to be successful.

    I know this is long but I do get passionate about my program. So here I am in Augusta and trying to build my business back from my move and looking forward to getting my program going again.

    But parents, you have to get with it. I advertised my program here on the Augusta Craiglist, which is pretty small key compared to LA. I had one response in a place where these people need it the most. There are no jobs, people are computer lacking and technically unaware. And, we wonder how Katrina happened. Technically, people are way behind.

    Eucationally, hmmm. Lets just say, I do home schooling for my girls. After investigating the schools, only 5% of the kids at the middle school my daughter was to attend passed mandated testing. That says alot about the economy here. But everyone has new shoes, everyone has new designer items. All bootleg of course and everyone is selling that stuff.

    They do not even realize that in this day and time, you do not have to be a street hustler. And you do not have to be illegal. For instance, I can sell all the Coach I want online without trademark infringement by simply becoming an affiliate partner and making commission of these top name products.

    My point is yet still, if we do not physically teach, then our kids will remain where they are. But if we do what we can,even one kid at a time, there is at least a glimmer of hope.

    Anyway, thatnks for taking the time to read this. An I do not normally post like this, but I came across this site because I love Ice cube and because I made today Ice Cube day on my own website. So forgive the spelling and grammatical errors but felt compelled to get it out.

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    Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 6:37 PM

    education is our future every kid desvers an education, its the way forward always has been

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    Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 5:22 PM

    i don't know if anybody still checkin for this.�  but this subject is strong to me.�  my momma got 9 kids and we grew up in south central los angeles.�  56th and denker every since like 1986.�  my momma sent me to arkansas in like 97 to a all white school and not only did i graduate but my gpa was like 3.5. and i went to college almost got a ba in graphic design i only got like 20 hours left. � but in 11th grade i went back to a all black school where out of like 200 seniors only 60 or something graduate.�  this was in shreveport louisiana.�  trying to be dogs and hogs. i learned that in the white atmosphere the mentality of "im smarter" prevails. while in the hood school atmosphere the mentality of "im harder" prevails.�  maybe it's illuminati.�  or maybe its something else but it's fucked up.�  makes me question everything including my own religion and values.�  what can i do to make a better atmosphere for my brothers and sisters. (sounds weak)�  where im from you aint even supposed to think like that.�  u should be sayin fuck em im gettin mine.�  its fucked up.�  i hope real niggas keep rappin and wayne them put us before benjamin or quit.

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    Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    This letter makes it sound as if its all the peiople's fault. But realy I think its every ones, see many students don't care about their education, the schools don't know how to manage their money, and like the letter says people are too greedy to help the schools.

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