How is the US actual situation?

Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 7:43 AM

Ok, why am I making this question?
I was born in Brazil, went to the USA as a kid before the year 2000, and at this time the US was a little violent (talking bout gangs, drug dealers, drive byes). A lot of politicians were assholes who didn't care about the society. Then I came back to Brazil. Brazil is a really violent place (Rio de Janeiro), so I've always seen trouble and trouble...

Why all that?
I make some raps (they're in english. Although I'm Brazilian, i prefer to speak english xD). And today I realized I'm constantly talking bout drugs, gangbangin, violence and at the end, how outlaws die or get incarcerated. I read on em a lot about politicians too, how they rob people and nobody complain or fight for rights.

Is the USA like this? Politicians robbing people, kids walking strapped, police beating innocents...?

I was thinking that all that doesn't exist no more, as I don't see no more songs complaining bout the society. On the other hand, Ice Cube made songs like Ghetto vet, Gangsta rap made me do it... Jay-z wrote fallin... but they're exceptions in a industry talking bout money cars and parties.

Is the US money, cars and parties for every one, or is it a place as every other country, with violent days, normal crime rate, people without no chance of changing life and blocks?

I appreciate a lot your help. This is a really important question I had to ask.

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