Getting ready to grind

Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 2:16 PM

Marking of water stones based on their granularity: in two, three, four, and, rarely, five-digit number. The number of stones in a set and grain will be determined by the challenges faced by the owner. For standard tuning and fine-grained changes can restrict stones # 3000 and # 5000. If the knife needs sharpening easy, then it will have to first fix in the bar of grit from # 1000 to # 2000. Regular sharpening stones is in the range from # 800 to # 1000. If the blade seen heavy wear, nicks and other damage, they have to remove most coarse stones - from # 220 to # 400. And then the grinding stones to take - at # 80 and # 120.

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