A convenient two-sided whetstone - an ideal solution for grinding and dressing tools of complex shape.

Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 2:18 PM

Consistent work on severely damaged blade will have, for example, the following form: # 120 - 220 - 400 - 800 - 1000 - 2000 - 3000 - 5000. An experienced sharpener, able to dispense and distribute a clear effort at sharpening can do with a much more modest set of # 220 - 800 - 1000 - 3000 - 5000. However, this should be devoted to work in bars months of training. in favor of water stones tells a simple calculation. Spent on the set, you continue to save on time and sharpening abrasive consumption: a gradual decrease in grain size leads smoothly to the rapid elimination of traces of the previous, more coarse-grained stone, provides a good surface finish, Brooke maintains a resource, and saves your time and energy.

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