Suspension of the stone Nagura.

Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Shaving severity requiring the highest individual skills in sharpening and finishing, we need not always and not on any knife. To direct it to myagkovataya steel with a hardness up to 52HRC - all a waste of time and effort. But for modern high-quality knife with a blade hardness of the material under the 60HRC worth a hundred or so dollars to save on sharpening tools shortsighted. set of 5-7 stones, each of which can cost anywhere from $ 30 to $ 100 or more, rather nakladen. Therefore, uniform abrasives, as a rule, the inheritance of a professional or a user who has to sharpen often and much. To keep the blade in the manner customary amateur couples have enough bars and finishing a polishing. popular in the home affordable combo rocks, consisting of fastened together with waterproof glue the two halves of different granularity. The most common varieties include the following: ? 100/180; ? 220/800; ? 800/5000; ? 1000/6000 and ? 1200/8000.

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